5 Hurdles for StartUps and how to overcome them

Young companies face numerous challenges after starting up. Not infrequently, the hurdles are so great that Start Ups have to give up after the first or second year after founding. So that it does not come at all so far, we arranged you as Full service agency for on-line marketing (Munich) the largest hurdles and the suitable Start up consultation in our Blog article clearly.

Hurdle 1: The business model

Start Ups tend to focus on the pure idea and go to work full of euphoria and zest for action. While such motivation is laudable, it does not make for business success.

The idea alone is not enough. A sound business model that is sustainable in the long term is crucial. Take the first hurdle by not confusing business idea and business model.

You can't make money on the basis of a business idea. Here it is important that you develop a business model and a business plan that makes it possible to convince, for example, also in the context of crowdfunding and to work out the economic potential. Take your time and work out your business model in detail, which will be convincing.

Hurdle 2: Consulting

For startups, it makes sense to seek external expertise and possibly also operational support in the form of startup consulting.

In many cases, the founding team brings important know-how with them, but sometimes the necessary experience is lacking, especially when it comes to implementing, among other things, start-up costs and expenses but also possible financing of the business model or marketing in a goal-oriented manner.

Young companies should not shy away from seeking help and professional advice in order to easily overcome existing hurdles and avoid beginner's mistakes.

Hurdle 3: The numbers

Surely you are aware that starting a business costs money and involves expenses and investments. Costs are incurred in various areas, including buildings, office equipment, personnel, administration, and sales and marketing. The development and marketing of products and services is also associated with costs, for example for design, product development and materials.

In addition, there is the risk that, especially at the beginning of your start-up, no profits are made yet and the costs still have to be covered during this time.

Take a close look at the figures in order to avoid the risks of over-indebtedness and impending insolvency and to act in a well-founded and secure manner right from the start. Make use of detailed controlling and keep an eye on all figures and developments at all times.

Hurdle 4: Financing

The financing of your young company is one of the most important factors on the way from a business idea to a sustainable business model.

In this context, explore the financing options and ensure access. Financing can be realized, for example, through bank loans, development programs, venture capital, business angels or even crowdfunding.

The latter represents an interesting alternative. Crowdfunding is a swarm financing via equity or equity-like funds in the form of loans or silent partnerships. Investors are mostly individuals who are recruited via a crowdfunding campaign.

In order to be able to inspire financiers for crowdfunding projects, it is crucial to have already overcome the hurdles 1-3 in order to convince sustainably with a financing and to make the company interesting for investors.

You can find more information about this in our blog post Start Up - Crowdfunding & Consulting - Online Marketing Munich.

Hurdle 5: Marketing

It is good if you yourself are convinced of your product, however, this does not mean that your target group is as well. For this reason, marketing as well as the appropriate marketing strategies are among the essential building blocks for successful startups.

You may lack ideas for a suitable marketing campaign or the resources to create your own website. Let our Online Marketing Munich team advise you and find ways to attract the attention of your target group and create an optimal customer journey.

Conclusion: Take advantage of Start Up consulting and overcome specific hurdles!

Get started with your newly founded company and take targeted hurdles that still separate you from your success.

Learn more about how to realize a swarm financing, crowdfunding campaign or marketing for startups, among other things. Talk to us about the options that exist.