Target-oriented SEA - search engine advertising

Do you want to place advertisements online so that your services and products are found? We implement SEA online marketing individually tailored to your advertising goals.

Search engine advertising (SEA) and ads help you to attract the attention of potential customers and to persuade them to make a purchase, register, etc. We support you in keyword advertising from research to campaign management and monitoring. If desired, we can also analyse existing accounts for Google optimisation. Our SEA agency supports you in the following areas:

Die Suchmaschinenwerbung SEA ist im Business nicht wegzudenken

Customer acquisition with SEA marketing

Together we address your target group where they are searching. We accompany you and work out optimized SEA campaigns.

SEA Marketing Daten werden gemonitort und analysiert

How do you respond to the information and buying behaviour of potential customers in the digital age? Search engines like Google are central points of contact for buying products or using services. Take advantage of:

  • AUTOMATION: makes it possible to do recurring routines automatically and use more time for strategy development, among other things.
  • POSITIONING: guarantees optimal and budget-efficient placement of advertising in selected channels and search results.
  • INTERNATIONALISATION: does not only cover simple translation, but internationally takes into account all the specificities of a specific target group in specific countries.
  • TARGETING: crystallises individuals to be targeted with a tailored message across relevant networks.
  • REPORTING: clarifies performance data and serves as a starting point for analysis and systematic optimisation.
  • REACH INCREASE: sustainably increases awareness of products, services, brands and optimisez branding.
  • ANALYSIS: encompasses more than just conversions, provides deep insights into accounts, and delivers valuable information that can be applied to diverse marketing channels.

SEA and SEO hand in hand

Search engine advertising and search engine optimisation form a strong unit. As an online marketing agency, we develop a solid strategy in the market for which a strong positioning of both channels is indispensable. Find out more about SEO

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SEA Audit

Our SEA experts analyse & optimise to identify valuable potential for long-term efficient ads campaigns.

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Place targeted Google Ads (formerly AdWords) or Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) and increase visibility and sales.

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Display Ads

Appealing advertising formats that fuse text, images, video, audio and transform advertising messages.

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Google Shopping

Increase product sales through targeted placement of Product Listing Ads (PLA) in Google Shopping search results.

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Youtube Ads

Place ads and reach potential customers on YouTube, the world's most popular video portal and second largest search engine.

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Certified Google Ads Manager

We are Google Ads certified in search advertising, app advertising, display advertising, video advertising and Google Shopping.

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