Content Marketing with Telegram and TON Blockchain

Content marketing with Telegram? Yes, we know it. But content marketing with blockchain? Telegram demonstrates how this can work through a groundbreaking step in advertising industry innovation. This revolutionary measure not only improves Telegram's economic model but also marks a significant advancement in content marketing strategies worldwide.

Introduction of Toncoin for in-app advertising

Telegram has now enabled the purchase of in-app advertising with Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of the TON(The Open Network) blockchain. This integration serves as a bridge between digital communication and blockchain technology, providing a seamless solution for advertisers and content creators alike. The TON blockchain is characterized by minimal transaction fees and high processing speed. Additionally, it handles millions of transactions per second thanks to a cryptographic mechanism popular in the blockchain world.

Benefits for content creators

One of the most attractive aspects of Telegram's new feature is the direct benefit for content creators. Channel owners with at least 1,000 subscribers can now earn 50% of the advertising revenue generated in their channels. This offer not only motivates the production of high-quality content but also ensures that creators are fairly compensated. This model resembles the revenue sharing systems seen with other social media giants like YouTube and X. Moreover, it positions Telegram as a serious competitor in the online marketing space.

Seamless integration and empowering users

By using Toncoin for transactions, users can specifically target channels for their advertisements, thus maintaining control over the placement of their ads. This targeted advertising opportunity is a boon both for advertisers who want to maximize their reach and for channel owners who want to monetize specific audience segments.

Promotion of blockchain adoption

The integration of blockchain technology through Toncoin, as emphasized by Justin Hyun, positions Telegram as a pioneer while highlighting the potential for blockchain-based mini-apps. These initiatives support the goal of reaching 500 million users by 2028. It underscores Telegram's commitment to innovate while enhancing user experience and engagement on the platform.

A new era of creator monetization

Telegram's advertising platform not only targets advertisers in nearly 100 countries but also opens up new monetization opportunities for content creators. This puts Telegram on par with other content platforms. It offers Telegram channel owners effective tools to profit from their content. The promise of no transaction fees and the ability to reinvest earnings within the Telegram ecosystem further enhances the attractiveness of this new feature.


The integration of TON into Telegram demonstrates the changing landscape of content monetization and digital marketing. As a full-service agency for content creators, this innovative approach provides a robust platform for placing ads. Additionally, it enriches content marketing strategies and aligns with the latest trends in online marketing. With such advancements, Telegram continues to solidify its position as a leading platform in the field of digital communication, while simultaneously offering unparalleled opportunities for content creators worldwide.

By combining strategic content creation with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Telegram is setting new standards. At the same time, it redefines how platforms can empower both creators and advertisers alike. This remarkable development marks a critical turning point in the field of online marketing.