Corporate Identity and Corporate Design

Corporate Identity (CI for short) defines the outward self-image of a company. It's the "DNA" that sets a company apart from others. Together with you, we analyze the unique selling points of your company. Creatively, professionally, and swiftly, we ensure that your corporate image is reflected in your brand to create a unique and exceptional corporate identity.

To achieve high recognition value, it is essential to generate a uniform corporate design for all products, as the corporate appearance communicates messages to the desired target audience. Media Beats GmbH is your competent partner for developing your corporate design. We ensure that your customers feel addressed.

Logo, photography, and illustration

Based on the initial consultation, we will create a tailored concept for you, which includes an analysis of your goals and target audience. We are your partner for long-term collaboration in the areas of graphic design, illustration, web design, and photography.

Our graphic designers at Media Beats visualize your company's philosophy and create meaningful logos that represent your business.

We provide experienced photographers to create high-quality photos alongside you. Our team includes both talented cameramen and professional photo equipment.

Our creative illustrators breathe life into your brand. Here, both digital and handcrafted works with significant impact on your corporate communication are created. At Media Beats GmbH (Corporate Identity and Corporate Design in Munich), we don't follow a standard approach; instead, we innovatively bring your ideas to life.

Web Design

A well-thought-out website serves as a 24/7 accessible point of contact for your customers and to convey your values, visions, and service components. Through contact buttons and the integration of forms and social media, we skillfully establish a response mechanism to the market for you. When it comes to a website, we refer to it as a digital business card in your corporate design. Our daily business is to focus your customers' attention on your products and services.

Print media and advertising materials

Those who engage our agency services receive thorough work in all service areas. Our specialists deliver exceptional and precise work in designing business cards and brochures. The same applies to letterheads or office supplies. Media Beats (Logo Design Munich) is thus your full-service agency when it comes to the extraordinary!