Web design - 6 designs in 2023

The web design trends in the coming year are closely linked to digital achievements such as artificial intelligence (AI) or Metaverse, which bring virtual reality to the forefront. At the same time, the desire for individuality continues to grow. The team of our agency for online marketing Munich has gone on a search for you and tracked down the current developments in website and website development for you.

Trend 1: Automatic hover animations

The first trend in web design for 2023 achieves attention to individual website elements in a special way. So-called hover animations are automatically activated when the visitor moves the mouse arrow over certain web page areas. Then a static image suddenly becomes dynamic and can provide a range of product-specific information.

Whether you want to describe products in more detail or explain charts and graphs to visitors step-by-step, hover animations are best suited for this and not only increase the time spent on your website, but are also an important ranking factor among Google algorithms.

Put elements on exceptional pages that allow for vivid explanations and ensure, among other things, an animated preview of products without having to leave the actual web page.

Trend 2: Three-dimensional Parallax Zoom

This trend includes an animation variant that allows elements in the foreground to move faster than those that are in the background. The so-called Parallax Zoom thus creates a form of depth and offers zooming in and out at the level of the line, which becomes a three-dimensional movement. The effect of the zoom is convincing in its simplicity and creates a connection to the trend around realistic 3D worlds.

Trend 3: Realistic 3D worlds

An ongoing craze and related website development towards virtual reality (VR) is further driven by the trend of realistic 3D worlds.

3D worlds let users dive deep into the digital landscape and enjoy accessible spaces and sound effects. However, this requires sophisticated 3D modeling and the right sound mix to create particularly realistic and imaginative worlds.

The website visitors are offered a special visual experience, which is guaranteed to be remembered.

Trend 4: Unique scrapbook

Technological advances, web development and the opening of digital worlds to a wide audience also always create a desire for uniqueness and individualism. This need is addressed by scrapbooking. They can be handwritten texts, small doodles, collages or mini graphics that bring their own unique style. They evoke the feeling of leafing through old newspapers or magazines and deliberately rely on imperfect aspects to counteract a sterile and cool precision. But even this website design, which looks like handiwork, requires the highest level of technological finesse and Responsive Design in order to appear authentic and be made accessible.

Trend 5: Expressive typography

In contrast to the multitude of purely digital designs with numerous multimedia elements, web design 2023 also relies on layouts that feature expressive text. They thus mimic the look of print magazines and also make it possible to reduce their printing costs. Typographic layouts work with expressive words and combine them with strong images to create a harmonious whole. Generate character and appeal to the intellect of your target audience.

Trend 6: 90s Retro Chic

This trend in web design reflects the longing for the beginnings of the Internet in the 90s. Here, for example, objects from the real world are digitally depicted and can be operated in a similar way as they are known from everyday life.

Retro chic should create a familiar feeling for the user and stand for the tried and tested, which he knows well and likes to fall back on.

Outlook on web design 2023!

The web design trends in the coming year play skillfully with simulation, immersion, but also set specific accents with individual typography, graphics and collages. As is so often the case, there is something for everyone. In this context, it is crucial that the web design of your website, fits your company and your products and services. Stay authentic! Do you need support with web development and the implementation of Responsive Design? Talk to our specialist of the full service agency in Munich about your requirements and possible creative ideas for implementation. We look forward to an initial conversation in which we will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.