YouTube cooperation with Shopify

The linking of the world's second largest search engine with one of the most popular online store systems, offers many exciting opportunities for Shopify merchants. With the new YouTube cooperation, a store can now also be linked to YouTube. Thanks to the Shopify app "Google Channel" in the backend of the store software, YouTube can be used as a sales channel. With this, you transfer your assortment to the YouTube channel to sell it there.

This way, store operators present their products within the YouTube account, for example under videos or during a livestream. You meet your target group where they are. This takes your YouTube marketing to a whole new level. Live shopping is also on the rise in Germany. Until now, viewers had to leave YouTube to order something on the retailer's store. This step is now eliminated.

YouTube becomes a shopping channel

When influencers as well as brand manufacturers are able to sell their products live, the video streaming platform becomes a shopping channel. This makes the Google subsidiary a direct competitor of Amazon, as it has an enormous reach. More than two billion users log on every month. So far, Amazon, the largest retail platform, has not entered sales via social networks. There is a real gap here. The trading platform does not allow any integration or linking of videos in Facebook or Instagram.

Google is thus drawing the logical conclusion, because TikTok is the pioneer of this development. The social network has already integrated Shopify. Here, retailers and manufacturers sell their products directly in the video with a sales button. Now Google is following suit with a strong partner.

There are three ways for Shopify merchants to distribute their products on YouTube:

  • in livestreams
  • via video
  • with the store tab

Even inventory can be synced during the broadcast. Users can see in real time whether a product is in stock or not. The important thing is to keep shoppers on the platform so that no intermediate step is required. This can further strengthen the shopping experience by making it easier for retailers and creators to reach their customers on YouTube.

During the live shopping event, there is a picture-in-picture playback in which customers click on the product and make a purchase. In contrast to teleshopping as it is known from television, they react directly to what is presented. They ask questions and are entertained. While the video is running, the order is placed.

Always an up-to-date stock of products

In the videos that are permanently on the web, the retailer marks certain products and places them by the video. The "store tab", offers the function, of an organized product selection in a separate tab, within the channel. So you know it also from Instagram or TikTok. The tab is added to the YouTube channel of a company. If the product is no longer available, it automatically removes itself from the product list. Thus, no manual rework is required.

The Shopify integration offers the advantage that all product descriptions such as names, images and prices are up-to-date. The ability to subscribe to YouTube channels can strengthen customer loyalty. This results in follow-up purchases. This type of shopping offers the advantages of newsletters, stores and contact options in one product. YouTube is thus expanding the streaming service into a full-blown e-commerce platform. In the U.S., many of the new features have been rolled out since the summer.

YouTube Shopping with Shopify offers these functions:

  • place products in YouTube videos
  • automatic synchronization
  • live sales
  • Sales channel tracking

Merchants track sales performance directly from the Shopify backend. This provides an overview of all sales channels. Nothing stands in the way of networking with one's own community. The platform thus offers multiple sales channels, making it a permanent fixture in e-commerce. These include mobile applications, social media Social media refers to online platforms and services that enable users to create content, t... , marketplaces, brick-and-mortar commerce, and a powerful back office. Customers want to store around the clock, regardless of opening hours. Shopify is reliable and easily scalable, so it can be used by businesses of any size.

More features are being added all the time to provide online retailers with the best possible conditions. With the help of Shopify, YouTube Ads can also be created and embedded. There are many useful extensions in Shopify's ad store. There is a lot of potential here, especially when the competition is big and products are interchangeable. Then video formats are well suited for sales promotion.

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To use YouTube Shopping, you need to download the Google Channel app from the Shopify app store. There you will find the YouTube Shopping section and sign in with your YouTube account details. After linking, select the products you offer for sale under Monetization and Shopping. Thanks to the many extensions in the app store, even smaller companies manage to get in here.

The moving image becomes an important factor in e-commerce

Google is moving steadily in the direction of e-commerce, with all its offerings. The company is even linking its central search engine with online commerce. Shopify offers the ideal platform for this, with a wide variety of interfaces to other marketplaces and social media. Integration with other networks should be as easy as possible. This provides each merchant with the most flexibility possible. TikTok has led the way in China. The social network now wants to repeat this in Europe, and Google and Shopify want to prepare for this. Other networks such as Netflix could also come into play, as even more customers can be targeted through collaborations.

Shopify's new feature offers many new opportunities, because products can be presented perfectly in moving images. They are vivid and offer added value for the user. For example, when someone uses or demonstrates the product in front of the camera. With a good story behind it, it offers an exciting shopping experience. Retailers who rely heavily on video have a clear advantage here. All those who are not yet relying on it now have a reason to start.