Is Email Marketing still a recommended strategy in 2020?

Even in the age of social media, direct marketing via email remains an effective way to reach specific target groups individually. If newsletters are deleted or unsubscribed, it's because they contain no information of interest to the recipients and, consequently, offer no added value. Successful integration into your marketing mix requires a good strategy. When used correctly, email marketing in 2020 can boost your sales and deepen customer loyalty.

The Steps to Effective Email Campaigns

Targeted mailing actions motivate recipients to engage with your company and take desired actions. Every successful marketing concept is based on concrete goals, typically:

• Expand your subscriber list
• Spread important information
• Introduce new products or services
• Increase cross and up-selling
• mehr Social Media Follower generieren
• bestehende Kunden zu Fans und Markenbotschaftern machen
• wenig aktive Abonnenten wieder interessieren
• Ihre Abonnenten besser segmentieren.

Your goals determine the selection of the appropriate email type. Promotional emails promote offers or product innovations, while relationship emails strengthen customer loyalty with relevant information. To effectively tailor content to your target audience, it goes without saying that you must know them. Collecting and analyzing relevant information about their interests is a fundamental requirement for successful direct marketing.

Success Boosters: Content and Personalization

Just like in content marketing, useful content for your target audience is very important. Instead of self-promotion, the interests and problems of your readers should be the focus. As a rule of thumb, content should consist of 90% useful and helpful information and only 10% promotion for your company or product. Carefully consider the added value your recipients gain from reading your message.

If you want to reduce scatter loss, there's no way around personalization and segmentation. While traditional marketing offers little in this regard, personalization is a key advantage in online marketing. Sensible segmentation, based on demographic, geographic, or behavior-based data, ensures that your message reaches the right recipients. Sending the same unreflected message to all subscribers leads to problems in deliverability, unsubscribes, or spam complaints, and subsequently to loss of sales. Personalization goes far beyond addressing by name. Only when your readers feel that the emails they receive are tailored to their needs and contain high-quality content will they become passionate followers.

The Steps to Effective Email Campaigns

A compelling subject line decides whether an email is opened or not. It clearly communicates the content and benefit expected by your readers and evokes emotions. Equally crucial for the success of your campaign is the call-to-action (CTA), a clearly defined action request in button form that is meant to initiate an immediate response. Effective CTAs attract attention and entice through appropriate placement, colors, and imperative wording (e.g., "Request a free sample now") to achieve the desired click.


Email marketing still belongs in your marketing mix and offers a particularly high return-on-investment for e-commerce companies. Professionally conducted email campaigns record response rates of 5 – 15%. Extensive evaluation possibilities make results measurable and allow for rapid adjustment.

Complement your traditional marketing and engage in direct dialogue with your target audience. Email Marketing Munich – we competently and comprehensively support you in terms of address generation, content conception, layout design, programming of your templates, shipping, and reporting.