Why Social Media Marketing is So Important for SMEs - 6 Facts

Social media marketing is no longer just a short-lived marketing trend but is considered an integral part of online marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, as well as LinkedIn and XING, are ideal for real-time interaction with the target audience and promoting one's own offerings. Today, our full-service agency examines the added value of social media marketing for SMEs and summarizes key advantages for you.

1. Optimization of Discoverability

With Social Media Marketing, you don't have to wait for your target audience to find you solely based on good search engine marketing; you can also ensure that social networks drive traffic to your website.

Platforms like Facebook, as well as TikTok, are ideal for sharing information about your products and individual content marketing. This is possible because your social media profiles become quite visible in search engines like Google Search within a short period.

Darüber hinaus werden Sie von Ihrer Zielgruppe direkt in den Netzwerken über eigene Algorithmen gefunden und können sich dort eine eigene Community aufbauen, die Sie jederzeit mit den passenden Posts, Verlinkungen und Aktionen auf beliebige Landingpages Ihrer Webseite lotsen können.

2. Direct Line to Prospects and Customers

Social media platform users are interested in valuable information, smart images, and videos. This presents an ideal opportunity to leverage the viral effect and reach a broad audience with well-thought-out content marketing right where they like to spend time and consume content.

SMEs create a new post, and the community interacts with the company by liking, sharing, or commenting on the post. Friends, in turn, see this interaction and may also start engaging with the company and its offerings. These are excellent conditions for sustainably increasing one's own reach.

3. Effective Remarketing

Remarketing ist ein weiterer Vorteil des Social Media Marketings für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen. Sie müssen nicht darauf warten, dass Ihre potenziellen Kunden erneut nach Ihren Produkten oder Dienstleistungen suchen, sondern können gezielt Anzeigen schalten, um Nutzer anzusprechen, die sich bereits mit Ihrem Angebot beschäftigt haben, aber noch keinen Kauf getätigt haben.

Here, it is important to consider the current rules regarding Cookie Tracking and E-Privacy in 2022. Our Online Marketing Agency specialists at Media Beats are here to assist you with advice and support.

4. Authentic Recommendations

Users on the internet are constantly looking for recommendations from friends and other users regarding products, services, or local establishments. An appropriate option for SMEs to leverage this behavior and provide relevant content.

This way, your followers on social networks can not only like your offerings themselves but also make recommendations to potential customers.

Studies show that recommendations from acquaintances, as well as from strangers on the internet, enjoy particularly high trust. Your existing customers thus serve as valuable brand ambassadors and boost sales.

5. Systematic Branding

Regardless of the size of your company, on social platforms, you can highlight the true character and unique qualities, strategically placing them in the spotlight exactly as you'd like.

However, it's important to always remain authentic and occasionally provide your target audience with a glimpse behind the scenes. This is an opportunity to break away from the usual and implement a systematic change in your image.

6. Long-term Customer Loyalty

Unabhängig welche Strategie Sie nutzen und ob Sie zum Beispiel mit einem Content Marketing Influencer arbeiten. Über Social Media fällt es deutlich leichter, Kundenbeziehungen zu pflegen und in einem stetigen Kontakt mit den Usern zu bleiben.

This works particularly well when you regularly offer content that is relevant to your target audience and encourages them to interact with you. Another advantage: If a user has liked a post from your company, your next posts will appear in their news feed, automatically keeping you in their memory.

Our conclusion: Social media marketing is worth it for SMEs!

Marketing trends come and go. Social media marketing, on the other hand, has already established itself as a permanent fixture in many SMEs and should not be missing in any company.

Focus on consistency and authenticity in your approach.

What matters in detail and what support is possible for implementation, we would be happy to show you. Just contact us.