Effective online marketing: DACH region vs. Germany

The DACH region, consisting of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, represents a significant market for online marketing. Although these countries share many similarities, there are also important differences that can influence marketing strategies. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of internet penetration, social media usage, B2B platforms, and cultural values and their impact on Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Internet penetration

Internet penetration significantly influences the reach of online marketing efforts. Germany boasts a solid foundation for digital marketing strategies with an internet penetration rate of 93%. Austria also allows for a strong online presence with an internet penetration rate of 88%, slightly below Germany's level. Switzerland, with an internet penetration rate of 96%, shows the highest rate in the DACH region, indicating a particularly tech-savvy population. Due to the high internet usage in all three countries, online marketing strategies can reach a broad target audience, with Switzerland standing out especially.

Use of social media platforms

The use of social media platforms varies within the DACH region. In Germany, about 45% of the population uses social media, providing a solid foundation for social media marketing. In Austria, usage is slightly higher at 50%, indicating a stronger presence and interaction on social platforms. Switzerland leads with 52%, showing the highest social media usage in the DACH region. This means there is a greater willingness in Switzerland to interact with brands via social media. For businesses, it is important to consider these differences when designing social media campaigns to effectively reach their respective target audiences.

B2B platforms

Preferences for B2B platforms also differ within the DACH region. In Germany, both XING and LinkedIn are popular platforms for B2B marketing. XING has a strong local presence and is frequently used. In Austria and Switzerland, however, LinkedIn dominates as the primary B2B platform. These differences should be considered when planning marketing strategies for B2B companies. While both XING and LinkedIn are equally important in Germany, the focus in Austria and Switzerland should be on LinkedIn.


Language and culture

One of the biggest commonalities in the DACH region is the shared language and cultural values. This significantly simplifies market engagement, as marketing campaigns can be designed consistently and efficiently. The German language allows for a unified message to be spread across all three countries, while similar cultural values ensure that these messages are well received.

Appreciation of quality and safety

Consumers in the DACH region place a high value on quality and safety. These values are highly esteemed in all three countries and should be emphasized in marketing messages to gain the target audience's trust. Products and services that highlight these values have a higher chance of success in the DACH region.

Development of SEA and SEO

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are central components of online marketing across the DACH region. In Germany, online advertising surpassed television advertising for the first time in 2016, highlighting the importance of SEA and SEO. Similarly, in Austria and Switzerland, high internet penetration has led to a strong focus on these disciplines. The high usage of Google and other search engines makes SEA and SEO particularly relevant. Germany, as the largest market, leads the way with significant investments in these areas.


The DACH region offers a diverse and rich environment for online marketing. The countries share important common values and make intensive use of the internet, despite some differences in social media and B2B platform usage. All three countries rely on search engine advertising and search engine optimization as central elements of successful marketing strategies. Companies that understand and leverage these differences and similarities can operate successfully throughout the region.

Optimize your online marketing strategies today and experience the growth of your reach and engagement in the DACH region. The Media Beats team is always available to answer your questions or develop a customized strategy for you.

Social media marketing in Germany vs. the USA: interesting differences

In the field of social media marketing, there are interesting differences between Germany and the USA. These differences pertain to platform usage, advertising strategies, user behavior, and audience targeting. At Media Beats, we understand the importance of knowing these differences and integrating them into our marketing strategies. In this blog post, we highlight the key differences and how you can adjust your social media marketing strategies accordingly.

Use of the platform

Platform preferences among different age groups


In Germany, older generations show a preference for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, which are often used for maintaining business relationships and exchanging information. Younger users, especially Generation Z, tend to favor visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where short, engaging videos and images dominate.


In the USA, platform preferences vary significantly by age group. Younger generations, particularly teenagers and young adults, are heavily present on TikTok and Snapchat. These platforms offer quick, entertaining, and creative content. Older users remain on Facebook, while Instagram appeals to a broad age group. Twitter is often used for real-time communication and news.

Use of messengers and chat apps


WhatsApp dominates as a chat app and is used by almost all age groups. This app is particularly popular for private communication and group chats. In comparison, Facebook Messenger has a lower adoption rate.


In the USA, Facebook Messenger and iMessage are widely used. Many users also use WhatsApp, but it does not have the same dominance as in Germany. Snapchat also offers messaging features, which are particularly popular among younger users.

Integration von Social Commerce


Social commerce, or direct sales through social media, is still in its early stages in Germany. Consumers have so far shown reluctance to make direct purchases via social networks. However, acceptance is growing, and platforms like Instagram and Facebook are beginning to integrate shopping features more prominently.


In the USA, social commerce is widespread and extensively used. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have developed advanced shopping features that allow users to purchase products directly through the platform. These platforms offer businesses numerous tools to market and sell their products directly.

Advertising strategies

Type of content


German content is often more informative and educational. Companies place a high value on detailed product information, blog posts, webinars, and whitepapers. Visual content such as images and infographics is frequently used to convey complex information.


In the USA, content is more creative and entertaining. Videos, especially short and viral clips, are very popular. Memes, GIFs, and interactive stories are common formats that quickly capture attention and are widely shared.

Advertising expenditure and budget distribution


German companies are more conservative with the allocation of their advertising budgets. Spending is carefully planned, and expenditures per campaign are often lower compared to the USA. The focus is on long-term strategies and sustainable customer relationships.


In the USA, there are larger budgets and a greater willingness to invest in innovative and experimental campaigns. Companies often focus on short-term, but intensive campaigns to achieve quick results.



Influencer marketing is growing in Germany but operates in a highly regulated environment. Influencers must meet clear transparency requirements, such as labeling advertisements. Micro-influencers are particularly popular, as they often appear more authentic and closer to their followers.


In the USA, influencer marketing is widespread and a central component of many marketing strategies. Mega-influencers with millions of followers play a significant role. There is a diverse range of collaborations with influencers, from major celebrities to micro-influencers, to reach different target audiences.

User behavior

Interaction rates


German users tend to be more reserved with likes, comments, and shares. They prefer high-quality interactions. Companies need to focus on providing valuable and relevant content to foster engagement.


In the USA, there are higher interaction rates with more likes, comments, and shares per post. Users are more active and frequently participate in discussions. Viral content and challenges are particularly effective in boosting engagement.

Trust and data protection


In Germany, there is a higher level of mistrust towards social media regarding data protection. Users are very cautious and demand transparent data protection practices. Companies must ensure that they comply with strict data protection laws (e.g., GDPR) and clearly communicate how user data is used.


In the USA, there are also privacy concerns, but users are often more willing to share personal information to receive personalized content and advertisements. Companies use extensive data analytics to create targeted advertising campaigns.

Addressing target groups



Personalization is valued, but it must adhere to strict data protection regulations. Users expect their data to be secure and not misused. Companies need to find innovative ways to offer personalized experiences without exacerbating privacy concerns.


In the USA, there are high expectations for personalized advertising and content. Users are open to personalized offers and appreciate tailored experiences. Companies leverage extensive data analysis to create targeted campaigns.

Campaign strategy


German companies focus on long-term campaigns that build sustainable relationships and brand loyalty. Great importance is placed on the quality and authenticity of content.


In the USA, short-term but intensive campaigns are common, aiming for immediate results and viral effects. Companies often rely on spectacular and attention-grabbing actions. Quick responses to trends and current events are crucial to remain relevant and achieve high engagement rates.


Social media marketing in Germany and the USA shows significant differences in platform usage, advertising strategies, user behavior, and audience targeting. While German companies tend to act more conservatively and focus on long-term strategies, US companies rely on creative, fast-paced, and often spectacular campaigns. Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses, and understanding these differences is crucial for success in international social media marketing.

Start optimizing your social media marketing strategies today and watch your reach and engagement grow. If you have any questions, the Media Beats team is always available to assist you.

Gain More YouTube Subscribers with These 10 Tips

YouTube has established itself as one of the most important platforms for content creators who want to build a loyal fan base and strengthen their brand. Whether you are an individual user or a business looking to improve your online presence, here are ten proven tips to increase your subscriber count on YouTube.

1. Create High-Quality Content

The most important factor for success on YouTube is the quality of your content. Invest time and effort in producing videos that are informative, entertaining, and visually appealing. Pay attention to good lighting, clear sound, and professional editing. High-quality content not only attracts more viewers but also motivates them to subscribe to your channel.

2. Regular Uploads

Consistency is key to building a loyal subscriber base. Create an upload schedule and stick to it. Whether it's weekly or several times a week, regular updates keep your audience engaged and increase the likelihood that they will subscribe to your channel. 

3. Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Use relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. Research which keywords are popular in your niche and strategically incorporate them into your content. In the football niche, especially for videos about the European Championship, keywords like “EURO 2024” or “European Championship 2024” can help make your videos more visible in search results.

4. Engaging Thumbnails

An engaging thumbnail can make the difference between someone clicking on your video or not. Use clear, high-resolution images that represent the content of your video and spark curiosity. Text overlays can also be helpful to highlight the topic of the video.

5. Calls to Action (CTAs)

Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel by including a clear call to action at the end of each video. Ask them to press the "like" button, leave comments, and share the video. This increases engagement and the likelihood that they will become subscribers.

6. Create Playlists

Organize your videos into thematic playlists. This makes it easier for viewers to discover and watch more of your content, increasing the time they spend on your channel. Longer watch times signal to YouTube that your channel offers valuable content, which can lead to greater visibility.

7. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborations with other YouTubers in your niche can significantly increase your reach. Look for channels with a similar target audience and propose joint projects. This can bring in new subscribers and also enhance your credibility and reach.

8. Utilize Social Media

Leverage your presence on other social networks to promote your YouTube videos. Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach a broader audience. Engage with your followers and use hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts.

9. Consider Viewer Feedback

Pay attention to your viewers' feedback and adjust your content accordingly. Ask for opinions, conduct polls, and respond to comments. This shows your viewers that you value their input and can lead to stronger engagement and more subscribers.

10. Contests and Giveaways

Organize competitions or giveaways to increase interest in your channel. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel and share your videos to participate. Such promotions can quickly increase awareness and attract new subscribers.


Gaining subscribers on YouTube requires time, strategy, and dedication. By creating high-quality content, maintaining consistent uploads, effectively utilizing SEO, and engaging with your audience, you can continuously increase your subscriber count. Use these tips to grow your YouTube presence and achieve long-term success.

If you are looking for online marketing experts from Germany to implement YouTube advertising or similar marketing strategies to expand your channel or online shop, contact the advertising agency Media Beats GmbH.

Data management in email marketing: optimizing campaigns

In the realm of online marketing, email marketing plays a central role. For email marketing agencies in particular, effective data management is crucial for implementing targeted and successful campaigns. In this blog post, we explain what data management in email marketing means, why it is so important, and how you can optimize your strategies.

What exactly is data management in email marketing?

Data management in email marketing encompasses all processes related to the collection, storage, maintenance, and analysis of email data. It involves ensuring that the data is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to enable personalized and targeted campaigns. This includes managing subscriber lists, tracking email interactions, and analyzing campaign results.

How important is data management?

Personalization and Segmentation

Good data management enables the personalization and segmentation of your email campaigns. By collecting detailed information about your subscribers, such as demographic data, purchase behavior, and interaction history, you can create tailored content. Personalized emails have higher open and click-through rates because they are better aligned with the interests and needs of the recipients.

Increased Deliverability

Clean and up-to-date data are crucial for the deliverability of your emails. Using outdated or incorrect data risks high bounce rates, which can negatively impact the reputation of your sender domain. This can result in your emails landing in spam folders or even being blocked. Regular data management can improve the deliverability of your emails and ensure that your messages reach the right recipients.

Improved Decision-Making

By analyzing the collected data, you can gain valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of your subscribers. This information helps you to make informed decisions and continuously optimize your email marketing strategies. In addition, data-driven decisions lead to more effective campaigns and better results.

Best Practices for Data Management in Email Marketing

Regular Data Cleaning

Regular data cleaning is essential to ensure the quality of your email data. Remove inactive subscribers, correct inaccurate entries, and update outdated information. Data cleaning tools can help make this process efficient, ensuring that your database is always up-to-date and accurate.

Double opt-in procedure

The double opt-in procedure is a proven method to improve the quality of your email list. With this procedure, new subscribers must confirm their registration before being added to your list. This ensures that subscribers are genuinely interested in your emails. Additionally, it reduces the risk of spam complaints and incorrect entries.

In Germany, this procedure is legally mandatory.

Segmentation of your subscribers

Segment your subscribers based on relevant criteria such as demographic characteristics, purchase behavior, or interaction history. By segmenting, you can create targeted campaigns tailored to the specific interests and needs of different subscriber groups. This increases the relevance of your emails and can lead to higher open and click-through rates.

Automation of data processes

Utilize automation tools to optimize and automate data processes. Automation can help you update subscriber lists, segment data, and create personalized campaigns. These tools save time and reduce the risk of human error, leading to more efficient and successful email marketing campaigns.

Success factors for data management

Data protection and compliance

Ensure that your data management practices comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations. This includes not only adhering to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) but also other relevant regulations. Inform your subscribers transparently about how you collect, store, and use their data, and obtain their consent.

Continuous data analysis

Continuous analysis of your email data is crucial for the long-term success of your campaigns. Monitor KPIs such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to evaluate the performance of your emails. Use these insights to adjust and optimize your strategies.

Integration with other marketing tools

Integrate your email marketing tools with other marketing platforms and CRM systems. This enables seamless data transfer and provides a holistic view of your subscribers. Through integration, you can conduct more comprehensive and accurate data analyses to better coordinate your marketing efforts.


Data management in email marketing is an indispensable component of any successful online marketing strategy. For a full-service agency, ensuring the quality and relevance of email data is crucial for creating effective and personalized campaigns. By regularly cleaning data, segmenting, automating processes, and adhering to data protection regulations, you can significantly enhance the efficiency and success of your email marketing efforts.

Start optimizing your data management today and watch your online performance improve through more precise and targeted email campaigns. If you have any questions or need a customized strategy, the Media Beats team is always here to help.

How to create a Google Display Campaign in 10 steps

Beginners often encounter many questions when creating a Google Display ad or multiple ads for a campaign. Google Ads regularly optimizes itself to provide individuals with a smooth experience in running their ads. However, challenges still arise from time to time.

Media Beats GmbH, as an SEA agency, is happy to take on these tasks for you. This way, you save a lot of time and potentially personnel costs in your own company. However, if you want to run a Google Display campaign on your own, you will now learn how this can be done in 10 easy steps and what you should consider.

A successful Google Display campaign requires thorough planning and execution, as well as an understanding of the target audience and their interests. Precise targeting and optimal placement of ads are crucial for the success of a campaign. When creating a campaign, it is advisable to consult an experienced SEA specialist or to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the topic. This ensures that your campaign achieves the desired results and that your investments are used wisely.

1. Choose and name the type of campaign

If you don't already have a Google Ads account, the first step is to register. Once you've done this, create a new campaign and choose the appropriate campaign type for your ads. You can choose between Search Network ads, Display Network ads, a combination of both, as well as Video and Shopping ads. In this guide, we will focus on creating Google Display Ads in the Display Network. Select this option and name the entire campaign.

2. Define marketing goals

In the next step, select a marketing goal. This can be particularly helpful for beginners to set automatic presets for the campaign. Marketing goals could include increasing brand awareness, improving engagement with your ad or landing page, or specific actions like purchases, newsletter sign-ups, or app downloads. If you don't have or wish to select a marketing goal, you should enable all settings and features for your campaign to have the best possible influence on the publication.

3. Choose locations for your campaign

Next, choose the locations where your Google Ads campaign will be displayed. This depends on your target audience as well as the size and reach of your business. If your offer has global interest, the ads can be shown internationally. For a local start-up, it is advisable to run ads in the nearby area or nationwide within Germany. Be sure to select the appropriate language for your ad; globally operating companies should use English as the ad language. This setting applies to the entire campaign and should be well considered to avoid unnecessary expenses.

4. Set bidding strategy and budget

In the next step, set the billing method and your budget, which you are willing to spend. Initially, don't overestimate your budget and only enter the amount you are actually willing to spend per day. A minimum bid is recommended to remain competitive in the auction for the most coveted ad spaces. The average bid depends on the competition and the frequency of your keywords. For companies in a niche market, there is a good chance of obtaining ad spaces at lower click prices.

5. Define ad groups & set bids

Ad groups are especially useful for companies with a broad range of offerings that vary thematically and in terms of interest. You can set a unique CPC bid for each ad group and allocate more money for particularly popular products. Select "manual CPC" to independently set a bid per click. Adjust the bid according to the relevance of the ad group, so it can be higher or lower.

6. Enter keywords

Now, define the ad groups and keywords. Consider which keywords might appear on publisher sites and simultaneously match the ad group, the campaign, your company, and your target audience. The more specific your keywords are, the more likely relevant publisher websites will be suggested. Word combinations like "blue jacket print" or "vacation rental Ibiza" are also useful. Google Ads recognizes similar keywords and will display your ads accordingly.

7. Choose websites for placements

Choose the websites where your ads will be displayed. Depending on the targeting option, you will be suggested websites that are either based on the interests of your target audience, the topics of the publisher's website, or the demographic information of potential users. With the Placements option, you select all publisher websites yourself. This involves more work but allows for precise control over ad placement.

8. Design: Set up image and text

Next, choose between creating a text or image ad, enter headlines and text, upload ad images and logos, and customize them. Google Ads assists you with previews of various sample images to help optimize your ad design and provides inspiration. Here, you also specify the link to your landing page, where users will be directed after clicking on the ad.

9. Choose ad sizes/formats

The selection of ad size also influences the success of your campaign. Choose a different format for ads with a lot of text and little image than for those with a single image without text. Take advantage of the previously explained benefits of various ad sizes. Select multiple formats per ad group to create diverse ads. Use the Google Ads preview option to see which size and arrangement look appealing.

10. Run and optimize Google Display ads

After completing the design of your Google Display ad, set the campaign online. If the desired results are not achieved, you can optimize your Google Display ads at any time. Common issues include incorrect audience targeting, selection of inappropriate publisher websites, or poor design.


Creating a successful Google Display campaign requires careful planning and targeted optimization to achieve your marketing goals. With the right steps and continuous adjustments, you can effectively place your ads and achieve maximum results.

If your Google Display ad is less successful than hoped, Media Beats GmbH is happy to assist you with optimizing your campaign.

DALL-E Editor: New Features for Content Creators

In digital marketing, visual content is of utmost importance. However, creating and modifying these visuals has long been a challenge - until now. OpenAI has introduced a groundbreaking update to their DALL-E image generation tool: the DALL-E Editor.

This feature brings about a crucial change in the way content creators manipulate and refine images. Let's discover what this tool offers and how you can seamlessly integrate it into your digital marketing strategy.

The Transformation of Image Editing

Previously, modifying AI-generated images was often laborious and led to starting over. However, the introduction of the DALL-E Editor has changed everything. Now, users can make fine adjustments without completely recreating images. This capability not only represents a technical enhancement but also significantly increases efficiency in digital content creation.

Key Features of the DALL-E Editor:

  • Color and Atmosphere Adjustments: Easily change the mood of your images by adjusting hues or switching to grayscale.
  • Detailed Editing through Prompts: Specify changes to specific areas of your image, such as removing or altering elements, using simple text instructions.
  • Selective Editing Tool: This tool allows for precise modifications by enabling users to highlight the exact areas of the image they want to change.

The Impact on Digital Marketing and Content Creation

For digital marketers and full-service agencies, the DALL-E Editor is a boon. Simple modifications like error retouching or adding elements can be implemented quickly, significantly streamlining the workflow in content marketing. Moreover, this tool enables creators to perfect their visuals, aligning them more closely with brand aesthetics and campaign objectives.

Broader Implications for Online Marketing

The DALL-E Editor not only facilitates image manipulation but also opens up new avenues in email marketing, display marketing, and web development. By enabling customized and appealing visuals, it enhances the effectiveness of digital ads and promotional materials. The integration of high-quality, tailored images can lead to higher engagement rates, a crucial metric in digital campaigns.

Legal and Ethical Considerations in AI-generated Content

The use of AI for creating and editing images raises important questions regarding copyright and privacy ethics. The origin of the data used to train these AI models, including the potential use of copyrighted materials without consent, remains a hotly debated topic. As technology advances, legal frameworks must also adapt, regulating usage and ensuring that creators and marketers can utilize the tools without infringing on intellectual property.

Conclusion: A New Era for Digital Content Creators

Der DALL-E Editor bedeutet mehr als nur ein inkrementelles Update; er repräsentiert einen signifikanten Sprung nach vorne in der Werkzeugkiste, die digitalen Content Creator zur Verfügung steht. Mit fortschreitender Zeit wird die kontinuierliche Verfeinerung und Verbesserung dieser Werkzeuge die Zukunft des Online Marketings, des Webdesigns und darüber hinaus gestalten. Die Auseinandersetzung mit diesen Technologien bietet nicht nur sofortige Vorteile, sondern bereitet auch den Weg für zukünftige Fortschritte in der digitalen Landschaft. Continue reading „DALL-E Editor – Neue Funktionen für Content Creator“

Content Marketing with Telegram and TON Blockchain

Content marketing with Telegram? Yes, we know it. But content marketing with blockchain? Telegram demonstrates how this can work through a groundbreaking step in advertising industry innovation. This revolutionary measure not only improves Telegram's economic model but also marks a significant advancement in content marketing strategies worldwide.

Introduction of Toncoin for in-app advertising

Telegram has now enabled the purchase of in-app advertising with Toncoin, the native cryptocurrency of the TON(The Open Network) blockchain. This integration serves as a bridge between digital communication and blockchain technology, providing a seamless solution for advertisers and content creators alike. The TON blockchain is characterized by minimal transaction fees and high processing speed. Additionally, it handles millions of transactions per second thanks to a cryptographic mechanism popular in the blockchain world.

Benefits for content creators

One of the most attractive aspects of Telegram's new feature is the direct benefit for content creators. Channel owners with at least 1,000 subscribers can now earn 50% of the advertising revenue generated in their channels. This offer not only motivates the production of high-quality content but also ensures that creators are fairly compensated. This model resembles the revenue sharing systems seen with other social media giants like YouTube and X. Moreover, it positions Telegram as a serious competitor in the online marketing space.

Seamless integration and empowering users

By using Toncoin for transactions, users can specifically target channels for their advertisements, thus maintaining control over the placement of their ads. This targeted advertising opportunity is a boon both for advertisers who want to maximize their reach and for channel owners who want to monetize specific audience segments.

Promotion of blockchain adoption

The integration of blockchain technology through Toncoin, as emphasized by Justin Hyun, positions Telegram as a pioneer while highlighting the potential for blockchain-based mini-apps. These initiatives support the goal of reaching 500 million users by 2028. It underscores Telegram's commitment to innovate while enhancing user experience and engagement on the platform.

A new era of creator monetization

Telegram's advertising platform not only targets advertisers in nearly 100 countries but also opens up new monetization opportunities for content creators. This puts Telegram on par with other content platforms. It offers Telegram channel owners effective tools to profit from their content. The promise of no transaction fees and the ability to reinvest earnings within the Telegram ecosystem further enhances the attractiveness of this new feature.


The integration of TON into Telegram demonstrates the changing landscape of content monetization and digital marketing. As a full-service agency for content creators, this innovative approach provides a robust platform for placing ads. Additionally, it enriches content marketing strategies and aligns with the latest trends in online marketing. With such advancements, Telegram continues to solidify its position as a leading platform in the field of digital communication, while simultaneously offering unparalleled opportunities for content creators worldwide.

By combining strategic content creation with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Telegram is setting new standards. At the same time, it redefines how platforms can empower both creators and advertisers alike. This remarkable development marks a critical turning point in the field of online marketing.

Successful Strategies in Marketing

In today's digitally connected world, a strong online presence is the foundation of a company's successful online strategy. Merely being present online is not enough; rather, a targeted digital strategy and careful web development are required to succeed in Germany's competitive digital environment. In this article, we take a look at the importance of these factors for online marketing in Germany.

Building an Effective Online Presence

An effective online presence is based on a well-considered web concept, which is essential for building and maintaining a successful digital presence. A solid digital strategy requires a clear direction that goes beyond merely presenting the brand and focuses on how the website can concretely contribute to achieving business objectives. This includes precise target audience analysis, the definition of user experiences (UX), the design layout, content presentation, and website functionalities to promote user interaction.

Embedding the brand in every area of the website, from design to content, is central. This creates a cohesive, appealing brand identity. The goal is to tell a resonating story that establishes an emotional connection with the audience.

A thorough market analysis is essential for the web concept. It provides insights into the needs of the target audience and identifies trends and weaknesses of competitors. This enables companies to strengthen their position. They define clear value propositions that are aligned with user desires.

Stategies and goals

Strategic planning in online marketing is complex. It requires much more than just setting goals. It starts with a comprehensive analysis. This analysis determines the optimal channels that fit the brand and business objectives. This is followed by goal-oriented campaign planning and implementation. An important aspect is the wise allocation of budget and resources to achieve the best results. Moreover, defining and constantly monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential. These KPIs are crucial for making successes measurable.

Strategic planning also demands a deep analysis of the target audience to ensure that the chosen channels and campaigns align with the needs and behaviors of the target group. The use of customer data and market research enables the creation of personalized and targeted marketing messages that increase engagement and conversions.

The role of online marketing agencies

Given the complexity of online marketing, collaborating with a specialized agency is a wise decision for many companies. Online marketing agencies offer expertise in various areas of digital marketing and provide the necessary resources and tools for efficient campaign planning, implementation, and analysis. Full-service agencies are particularly valuable as they offer a comprehensive range of services, from search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation.

Email marketing: Personal connection to the target audience

Email marketing remains a fundamental part of digital marketing, as it enables companies to communicate directly and personally with their target audience. Collaborating with specialized email marketing agencies can help improve open and click-through rates while simultaneously complying with legal requirements in Germany.

By leveraging data analysis and segmentation, email marketing enables even more precise targeting of the audience, which enhances campaign effectiveness. This not only promotes customer loyalty but also contributes to building long-term relationships.

SEO: A must for every strategy

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a critical success factor in digital marketing. The ability to be prominently placed in search results plays a central role in maximizing the visibility of a website and attracting qualified traffic that can potentially be converted into customers.

Comprehensive SEO strategies not only involve the careful optimization of web content with relevant keywords that address both the needs of users and the requirements of search algorithms but also the continuous improvement of the website's technical performance. This includes measures to increase loading speed, build a strong backlink profile, ensure optimal mobile usability, and improve user navigation to optimize the overall user experience.


The online marketing landscape is constantly changing, and businesses in Germany must remain agile to keep up with these changes. A well-thought-out web concept and strategic planning are essential for success in this dynamic environment. Collaborating with an online marketing agency provides businesses access to expertise, resources, and specialized knowledge to achieve their online marketing goals. Email marketing and SEO are essential tools that help increase online presence and achieve business objectives.

With the right strategy, optimizing online marketing becomes achievable. The ideal partner plays a central role in this process, enabling German companies to reach their target audience more precisely and strengthen their brand presence. Ultimately, this leads to increased business success. For such marketing services, Media Beats is the perfect contact. Here, you'll find expertise for your digital success.

Storytelling with Media Beats

Online marketing has undergone a tremendous transformation. It's now a dynamic, interactive space. Brands are no longer just selling products. They use stories to connect. In the digital age, storytelling is indispensable. It gives brands a voice. Storytelling is more than a skill. It has become an art form. This art is essential for capturing attention. 

In a crowded market, this is crucial because brands that tell stories well stand out. They create deep connections with their audience, thereby building loyalty and recognition. Storytelling enables an emotional bond, which in turn leads to long-term success.

The Importance of Storytelling

In the digital age, consumers are inundated with content, and storytelling unfolds its unique power here. It not only creates emotional connections but also interacts deeply with customers. Stories connect the brand and the customer in a way that product information cannot. They convey values and visions, far beyond advertising.

Furthermore, storytelling strengthens brand identities. Authentic stories give brands a memorable voice, which becomes especially important as attention decreases and competition grows. Moreover, stories offer an emotional escape, enhancing customer loyalty. In this way, they significantly influence brand success. Brands create valuable experiences that significantly increase their value through storytelling.

The fundamental elements of storytelling

Successful storytelling in online marketing is based on carefully developed characters and captivating storylines. It's crucial to tell a story that not only entertains but also deeply reflects the values and core message of the brand. Emotional impact and the ability to build a strong connection with the audience are central aspects that must not be underestimated. These elements together promote a deeper connection between the brand and its audience by creating points of identification and highlighting shared values.

Strategies for Effective Storytelling

The starting point of a successful storytelling strategy lies in a deep understanding of the target audience. Authenticity is of fundamental importance. It is necessary to tell a story that finds genuine resonance with the audience and appears authentic. This authenticity and credibility are crucial factors in gaining and maintaining customer trust and loyalty. Such a strategy must be pursued consistently to establish long-term relationships and strengthen the bond with the audience.

Impact in Digital Marketing

In the digital age, storytelling in marketing opens up new horizons: from viral social media campaigns that gain worldwide attention to compelling web content that captivates the audience – the digital landscape offers a plethora of opportunities for brands to create emotional connections with their audience and deeply inspire through various digital formats like videos and blogs. This digital arena allows for storytelling in a multi-layered manner, thus reaching the audience on a personal level.

Role of a full-service agency

A full-service agency occupies a key position in integrating storytelling into comprehensive marketing strategies. With their broad range of services covering everything from idea generation to practical implementation, such agencies possess the necessary expertise to not only design content in an appealing and creative way but also significantly enhance its impact. This enables brand messages to reach their intended audiences in a targeted manner and achieve profound effects.

Practical Application in Online Marketing

For the successful execution of a storytelling campaign in online marketing, both thoughtful planning and creative execution are essential. It's crucial to define clear objectives, continuously monitor success using KPIs, and respond agilely to the changing desires and needs of the target audience. A campaign designed in this way can not only capture the audience's attention but also help to establish lasting and meaningful relationships with the audience.

For instance, a campaign that tells a story about a company's sustainability efforts can not only raise awareness for environmental issues but also strengthen the brand image as responsible and ethical.

Another example would be an interactive campaign that invites users to share their own stories, creating a community of brand ambassadors who feel a personal connection to the brand. By leveraging stories based on real customer reviews, companies can build authenticity and trust, which is crucial for establishing long-term customer relationships.

Challenges and Solutions

Storytelling in digital marketing offers many opportunities. However, marketers face challenges, including the creation of authentic content that stands out. Its findability in the digital space is also crucial. Monitoring audience responses provides a solution for this. Equally important is the continuous adaptation of content to keep it relevant and appealing. This flexible adjustment optimizes content on an ongoing basis, tailored to the needs of the target audience, thereby creating a stronger, lasting impact.


Storytelling in online marketing is more than a method – it's an art that enables brands to deeply communicate with their audience. In a world full of information overload, it offers an opportunity to stand out and establish long-term relationships. The future of marketing lies in the ability to tell stories that are not just heard but also felt and lived.

Create explainer videos with an online marketing agency

With explainer videos, created in collaboration with an online marketing agency, it's possible to quickly and effectively capture the attention of your target audience in today's digital world. Videos are key to creative, engaging information delivery. But how do you create a captivating explainer video? Best through collaboration with a specialized agency.

The Power of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos make complex topics understandable and memorable in minutes or seconds. They utilize visual and auditory elements to tell impressive stories. Such videos explain difficult concepts simply and entertainingly. Thus, they effectively impress a wide audience.

However, not every explainer video achieves its goal. Success heavily depends on aligning the content, design, and message with the specific brand and target audience. This is exactly where the role of an online marketing agency comes into play. These agencies possess the necessary expertise to create explainer videos that are not only visually appealing but also convey a clear and targeted message.

An experienced online marketing agency guides the process from concept to the finished explainer video. It tailors every video detail to the needs of the company and its customers, achieving maximum impact. With creative storytelling and technical precision, videos are created that inform and captivate. These videos are essential for digital success today.

Why an Online Marketing Agency?

A full-service agency from Munich offers more than talent and expertise. It has a deep understanding of local markets and develops specific strategies for Munich. The entire process of an explainer video is accompanied, from the idea to the production, working closely with you. Customer collaboration is central to their approach, surpassing expectations with the final product. They ensure core messages are clearly received by the target audience. Their strategies are dynamically adjusted with the goal of maximizing engagement and impact with the target audience.

Moreover, they utilize advanced analytics tools to continuously optimize campaigns, keeping the message effective and up-to-date. Customer feedback is directly incorporated into improvements, strengthening customer loyalty and fostering trust. Individual solutions are a priority; each project is treated as a unique piece. The agency keeps an eye on digital marketing trends and skillfully integrates them into their strategies, keeping your marketing always one step ahead. The goal is a long-term partnership with the client, ensuring sustainable success in online marketing.

Integration into Your Online Marketing Strategy

An explainer video is just one component of your comprehensive online marketing strategy. A full-service agency adopts a holistic perspective and ensures seamless integration of your video across all marketing channels – from email marketing to social media and your company website. This strategic embedding not only optimizes the visibility of your video but also promotes a higher level of interaction with your target audience.

Additionally, collaborating with a specialized email marketing agency offers the critical advantage of effectively integrating your explainer videos into email campaigns. This is particularly relevant in a highly competitive field like email marketing in Germany, where every measure to differentiate and increase user engagement can contribute. Through this coordinated approach, the agency ensures that each investment in your online marketing leads to tangible results by maximizing the reach of your video while simultaneously strengthening the connection to your target audience.

The process of creating explainer videos

The process of creating an explainer video begins with a detailed planning phase. In this first step, it is clearly defined what you want to achieve with the video. Fundamental questions are clarified: What are your objectives? Who exactly is being targeted? What central message do you want to convey? Based on these essential considerations, your online marketing agency develops a customized concept and a script that not only clearly and appealingly expresses your core messages but is also tailored to the specific needs and interests of your target audience.

After the foundation is laid, the process moves on to production and post-production. In these phases, your vision is brought to life. Professional voice actors lend their voices to the video to effectively convey your message. Engaging graphics and a captivating storyline are carefully crafted to catch and hold the viewer's attention. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in creating a final product that not only impresses but also achieves the desired effect on your audience.

Your online marketing agency carefully coordinates all components to ensure that the explainer video precisely meets your marketing goals, making it a perfect fit for the needs of your target audience. Through this alignment, the video leaves a strong impression, directly addressing the viewers' preferences. This customized approach amplifies the impact of every element in the video.

Together, they create a unique viewing experience. With this, you not only achieve your goals but often exceed them. The agency pays attention to every detail to ensure success.


We live in an era where the digital world is continuously expanding. Explainer videos are a key to standing out. A collaboration with an online marketing agency in Munich can be crucial. It's about creating a video that stands out and achieves success. Whether it's to strengthen your brand, improve conversion rates, or present your message anew, an agency can support you.

By collaborating with an agency, you receive not just quality, but also a strategy that highlights your video. Explainer videos are far more than a fleeting trend. They represent a long-term investment in your business. Start working with an agency in Munich and unlock the potential of your brand.

The Guide for Online Marketing Startups

Starting a startup opens up a journey full of creativity and perseverance, accompanied by strong online visibility. "The Guide for Online Marketing Startups" highlights how crucial a smart digital strategy is in today's connected landscape. This handbook provides essential insights into the online marketing world. It clarifies how targeted approaches can advance your startup in Munich and far beyond.

Online Marketing: A Comprehensive Overview

Online marketing is the core of any modern marketing strategy, especially for startups aiming for rapid expansion. The integration of various digital marketing strategies such as SEO, content marketing, pay-per-Click (PPC), social media, and email marketing is crucial for building a strong online presence and brand.

A comprehensive online marketing strategy opens up the opportunity for startups to be visible on various platforms and reach different target audiences. By creating content that is precisely tailored to the specific needs and interests of your target audience, visibility can be significantly increased.

At the same time, this promotes the development of a loyal customer base. This strategic approach helps to deepen the relationship with existing customers while simultaneously tapping into new segments. Through targeted communication and engagement, startups can create strong brand attachment and loyalty, which contributes to long-term success.

Choosing an Online Marketing Agency

Choosing the right online marketing agency is crucial for your startup. It offers extensive services that enable a strong strategy, making your brand visible online and reaching your target audience effectively. An experienced full-service agency also provides insights into trends and suggests customized solutions. Collaborating with an agency that shares your vision promotes growth and success in the long term.

- Industry expertise is essential, as a specialized agency offers solutions based on the proven methods of your industry

- When deciding between full service or niche focus? The choice strongly depends on your specific needs and goals, with both options having their own merits.

- Strong successes and positive references are also important, as they demonstrate what an agency can achieve and the value it adds to your business.

Email Marketing: A Powerful Tool for Startups

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in a startup's online marketing arsenal. Working with an experienced email marketing agency can make a difference when it comes to creating customized campaigns that engage your target audience and prompt actions.

- Segmentation and customized content enhance the relevance of your emails and improve results

- Automation in emails sends appropriate messages based on customer data. This promotes customer loyalty

Online Marketing in Munich: Local Advantages

For startups in Munich, working with an online marketing agency that offers both global perspectives and a deep understanding of the local market is particularly valuable. Such an agency has the ability to develop customized strategies that are precisely tailored to the needs of the Munich market. At the same time, it can help to expand the global reach of your startup.

This duality in strategy alignment allows startups to benefit from optimal positioning both locally and internationally. This targeted approach enables strengthening the local customer base as well as tapping into new markets worldwide.

In addition to digital marketing strategies, physical networking in Munich's local startup and business world is an important factor for success. Participating in local events and trade fairs can promote valuable business relationships and collaborations.

Adaptation and Measurement in Online Marketing

Choosing the right agency is crucial for your startup because it enables an effective strategy through its wide range of services. This not only enhances the online visibility of your brandonline visibility of your brand but also specifically reaches your target audience. Moreover, experienced agencies provide valuable insights into current market trends and create solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs. By collaborating with an agency that shares your vision, you lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth and long-term success.

Google Analytics and CRM systems offer deep insights into the behavior of your visitors and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. These tools are essential for any full-service agency in Munich that aims to maximize the online presence of a startup.


A successful startup today needs more than a new idea. Strategic online marketing planning is also necessary. Choosing the right online marketing agency is crucial. Effective email strategies are also important. Take advantage of Munich's local benefits. This lays the foundation for the lasting success of your startup.

Online Marketing in Germany vs. USA

In a lively market in Germany and an energetic one in the USA, online marketing breaks down national boundaries while simultaneously bringing local nuances to the fore. We take a look at how the landscape of online marketing in these two countries distinguishes itself from each other yet intertwines.

Prepare for an exploration of legal regulations and marketing techniques! Online marketing agencies play a central role. They navigate through diversity with tailored strategies. Local knowledge helps them to succeed globally. Their expertise captures the nuances of the markets to leverage them. Thus, campaigns that attract attention and connect are created. Join us in the world of online marketing, where adaptation and innovation merge.

Market Diversity: More than just spatial distances

The US market is enormous and dynamic, yet it stands not alone. Cultural and linguistic differences make it unique. In the USA, the "American Dream" shapes marketing. In Germany, security, precision, and reliability count. Such contrasts not only influence the orientation of marketing strategies but also consumer behavior. Online marketing agencies from Munich value messages that create clarity and trust, while their counterparts in the USA aim to convey grand visions. Companies are challenged to navigate through this diversity and adjust their communication accordingly to resonate both globally and locally. Here, agencies are called upon to decipher cultural nuances and transform them into effective campaigns.

Certification Process for Crypto Advertising

The approaches to data protection in Germany and the USA could not be more different. The strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Germany and Europe contrasts with the more flexible handling in the United States, often perceived as a legal gray area. These differences afford marketers in the USA greater freedoms, while strict rules apply in Europe. Nevertheless, a growing awareness of data protection is observable in the USA, driven by data protection scandals and calls for more clarity and transparency.

Since the GDPR, EU companies must obtain user consent before using data. This complicates the design of marketing campaigns. The focus on transparency sets standards worldwide.

In the USA, on the other hand, where data protection laws are traditionally less strict, companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of stricter data protection measures. Initiatives like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) signal a shift towards more data protection. Marketing specialists, for example from Media Beats GmbH in Munich, face the challenge of flexibly adapting to these different legal conditions while still developing effective, legally compliant campaigns. They need to be creative in order to innovate within the legal requirements and at the same time effectively target their audiences. The necessity to continuously educate themselves and adjust campaigns according to data protection regulations becomes increasingly important in order to survive in a rapidly changing legal environment.

Leading networks and communication channels

Social media worldwide is an indispensable tool, yet preferences for specific platforms can vary greatly. While Xing is essential for professional networking in Germany, LinkedIn dominates this area in the United States. Understanding these preferences is crucial for effective marketing. Even the most innovative campaign misses its target if it doesn't reach the right audience. In the fast-paced world of social media, it is imperative for marketers to know the peculiarities and audience of each platform precisely in order to design targeted strategies. It's not just about mere presence on these platforms, but rather about how to foster interaction and engagement of the target audience. The clever selection and use of the right platform can make the difference between the success or failure of a campaign. Experienced online marketing agencies know how to use these differences to their advantage and develop customized approaches that produce real conversions and resonance.

Core principles in online marketing: Flexibility and cultural adaptation

Flexibility is at the heart of successful online marketing strategies. American brands impress with their pronounced enthusiasm and optimism, while German companies emphasize quality and reliability. These cultural preferences require a tailored adjustment of SEO tactics—because Google.de differs significantly from Google.com. Local optimization for search engines is crucial to be visible in the respective markets. Moreover, influencer marketing in the USA and Germany varies, depending on the popular influencers and platforms in each. Successful digital marketing is based on the ability to adapt to these cultural differences and calibrate strategies accordingly.

Measuring marketing success and data analysis

For the development and review of every marketing strategy, tools like Google Analytics and specific local applications are indispensable, this also applies to full-service agencies. In the USA, a wide range of analysis tools is available. German companies prefer data protection-compliant solutions. Skillful collection and evaluation of data are essential. It provides deep insights into audience behavior. Data analyses are crucial for campaign success. They inform future marketing strategies. Marketing professionals must thoroughly understand the tools. Only then can they use data for planning and optimization.

Learning opportunities through success stories and case studies

Success stories serve as teaching tools, not least for online marketing agencies. Both a creative campaign by a full-service agency in Munich and the conquest of social media by a company from the USA can offer valuable insights. Such examples serve as inspiration and reflect the breadth and depth of online marketing. They shed light on the creative and strategic paths to success as well as the obstacles overcome. By analyzing case studies, we gain deep insights into the practical implementation of online marketing, from analyzing the target audience to selecting effective channels and assessing campaign success. Successes are built on a willingness to experiment, informed data-based decisions, and a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem. Furthermore, sharing best practices and innovative methods promotes the progress of the entire industry on a global level.

Dynamics and innovation: The constant change in online marketing

In the world of online marketing, trends become outdated quickly, and what is considered new today may be surpassed tomorrow. The industry evolves at a breathtaking pace, with technologies such as artificial intelligence, personalized marketing, and ecological sustainability currently being focal points. For online marketing agencies as well as full-service agencies, the challenge lies in staying up to date while simultaneously developing forward-looking strategies.

Continuing education and innovations are essential for a digital competitive advantage. Agencies that quickly adapt to new trends stand out. They utilize technologies such as automation and data analysis. Full-service agencies offer a wide spectrum of online marketing. They guarantee comprehensive support in digital marketing, from development to optimization of strategies.

Conclusion: Creating connections, fostering mutual growth

Our common goal is to fascinate and win over our target groups through creative online marketing. The diversity between the markets in Germany and the USA opens up numerous opportunities for learning and growth. For companies willing to broaden their perspectives, great opportunities lie ahead. By recognizing and leveraging the specific strengths of both markets, we can develop effective strategies. These strategies have the potential to achieve success not just locally, but also globally.

A thorough examination of the online marketing landscapes in Germany and the USA reveals complex differences and interesting parallels. Integrating these insights into our marketing approaches allows us to redefine the boundaries of what is possible. By utilizing the insights gained, we open up new paths to success in a connected global market. This keeps us competitive and enables us to continuously evolve.

Comparison of Online Marketing in Germany and the U.S.

Online Marketing in Deutschland und USA im Vergleich.

The Evolution of Social Media in 2023

The year 2023 marks a decisive turning point in the world of social media. Platforms like Twitter (X) are transforming the digital communication landscape. This results in new challenges and opportunities in online marketing. The social media ecosystem profoundly influences our communication. It plays a central role in digital marketing.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X now serve far beyond networking. They are essential tools for full-service agencies. They enable brands and businesses to effectively engage and acquire customers.

Current user numbers of social media.

In 2023, social media continued to build an impressive user base. Instagram reached 2.3 billion active users monthly, Facebook dominates with 3 billion, while LinkedIn counts 900 million registered members. Twitter, now known as X, shows a remarkable presence with 450 million active users monthly.

The growth of X in 2023

2023 was a turning point for Twitter, now known as X. The platform experienced an estimated growth from 450 million users in March to 528.3 million by the end of the year. This development is partly due to the introduction of innovative features, including video content that poses serious competition to YouTube, as well as X Payments, which enable both fiat and cryptocurrency payments.

Trends in the area of social media

The dynamic landscape of social media social media in 2023 was dominated by some platforms that showed impressive growth. BeReal recorded a growth of 313%, followed by Twitch with 29% and LinkedIn with 20%. Despite some leadership crises and controversial acquisitions, Twitter (X) also grew by 7%.

Global growth of social media

Globally, the number of social media users increased from 4.62 billion in January 2022 to 4.72 billion in January 2023, corresponding to a growth of 3%. The spread of social media shows a great regional diversity with a high penetration rate in East Asia, North America, and Europe.

Engagement and content type on social media

The type of content significantly influences engagement on social networks. Videos are particularly effective. TikTok set the video trend. High adoption rate and growth characterize TikTok. Instagram followed with the introduction of Reels. Videos under 15 minutes were integrated. Reels almost doubled Instagram's engagement rate. Other post types have lower rates. Twitter and Facebook also benefit from videos. The average engagement rate there is 0.17% (as of June 2023).


The data and trends of 2023 make it clear that social media should play a central role in the digital marketing strategy of companies more than ever. The growing user base, increased engagement through innovative content formats, and the global reach of platforms like Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and others offer unparalleled opportunities for branding and customer interaction.

The last year brought significant changes to the social media landscape. Platforms like Twitter (X) transformed the digital world. This presents new challenges for online marketing. Social media now influences communication and marketing. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn offer more than networking. They are key tools for full-service agencies and businesses.

Deinfluencing: A Reorientation in Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing provides companies with the opportunity to connect with their target audience, promote products, and increase brand awareness. One pillar of this approach is Influencer Marketing, where influencers with a large following recommend products and services to their followers. However, there has been a notable shift in Social Media Marketing recently, known as "Deinfluencing." In this trend, influencers distance themselves from endorsing products. In our latest blog post, our Social Media Agency experts explain what Deinfluencing is, its implications for businesses, and how it's changing the landscape of social media marketing.

1. An Overview of Deinfluencing

Influencers are renowned for presenting products persuasively and persuading their followers to make purchases. This trust in influencers has made influencer marketing a powerful tool. However, there is currently a counter-movement known as Deinfluencing. Under hashtags like #deinfluencing, users on social media platforms express their opinions and criticisms of products, influencers, and brands.

Doch aktuell gibt es eine Gegenbewegung, die als Deinfluencing bezeichnet wird. Dabei äußern unter anderem unter dem Hashtag #deinfluencing Nutzer in den sozialen Medien ihre Meinung und Kritik zu Produkten, Influencern und Marken.

2. Goals of Deinfluencing

The Deinfluencing trend centers around the authenticity of influencers. Users are increasingly questioning whether influencers genuinely believe in the brands and products they promote or if it's merely advertising.
As a result, consumers are more critical of endorsements by their idols and raise legitimate questions.

Users on social media platforms are voicing their opinion and openly criticizing products. They share their negative personal experiences, report on subpar quality, and expose misleading advertising campaigns.
This critical approach is pushing influencers to be more transparent and recommend products only when they genuinely support them.

Explicitly rejecting certain products has gained popularity not only among influencers with a large following but also among users with limited reach. Just on Tiktok , this hashtag received an impressive 510 million views in the first four months of 2023.

3. Critique of Greenwashing and Excessive Consumption

Deinfluencing goes further by scrutinizing companies engaging in Greenwashing promoting products as environmentally friendly when they are not.

Often, this reveals the true nature of production processes, ingredients, poor working conditions, or employee compensation.

It also sheds light on the hype surrounding expensive products and unnecessary consumption. This critique aims to better inform consumers and protect them from making ill-informed purchases.

4. The Deinfluencing Dilemma for Brands and Influencers

Deinfluencing presents a dilemma for brands and influencers. On the one hand, it can lead to a more critical examination of products and brands, potentially resulting in a loss of reputation if the criticism is valid.

On the other hand, it provides an opportunity to position themselves authentically and gain the trust of their target audience.

This presents an opportunity to highlight clear differentiators from the competition and actually implement transparency and authenticity.

5. Opportunities for Consumers

Deinfluencing offers consumers the ability to quickly identify subpar and inferior offerings and misleading advertising claims.

It fosters a critical awareness and the ability to see through marketing strategies. Moreover, it provides an option to openly share experiences and provide genuine feedback.

6. The Importance of Objective Feedback for Companies

An important aspect of Deinfluencing is the open dialogue between influencers and their followers or consumers. This dialogue requires objective and constructive feedback from influencers.

When influencers occasionally critique selected brands instead of solely praising them, it can strengthen their credibility within the community and support them.

Additionally, objective feedback helps companies improve their products and services and implement authentic online marketing strategies.

Conclusion: Transformation in Social Media Marketing

Deinfluencing brings about a significant shift in influencer marketing. The power of authenticity and honesty is gaining importance over mere product endorsements. Consumers today are better informed and more sensitized to misleading advertising claims. This development forces brands and influencers to be more transparent and authentic to gain and maintain the trust of their target audiences.

But does this mean the end of influencer marketing? Not necessarily. Rather, it could signify a transformation—a shift towards a marketing landscape where credibility, trust, and quality take precedence for businesses in social media. Influencers who focus on these values could thrive in this new era, while those who continue to act inauthentically may be left behind.

In summary, Deinfluencing represents a significant development that is reshaping the balance of power between brands, influencers, and consumers.

If you're seeking more information on influencer marketing or looking for an Online Marketing Agency , we look forward to your inquiries.

Instagram and the Algorithm

Unter der Bezeichnung Social Media Marketing vollzieht sich seit einigen Jahren eine wahre Revolution in der Online Marketing Welt. Instagram ist für Unternehmen sehr relevant, um Reichweite zu vergrößern und Zielgruppeninteraktion zu fördern. Ein Schlüsselfaktor ist der Algorithmus, der Inhalte sortiert und präsentiert. In unserem Blogbeitrag enthüllen wir mit unserer Social Media Agentur, wie dieser Algorithmus das Ranking von Beiträgen beeinflusst.

1. Instagram Algorithmus grundlegend verstehen

Der Algorithmus ist zentral für das Social Media Marketing auf Instagram und bestimmt, welche Beiträge Nutzer sehen. Instagram nutzt verschiedene Algorithmen, basierend auf diversen Signalen, um den Nutzern relevante Inhalte zu zeigen.

Instagram bietet Funktionen zur Personalisierung der Content-Erfahrung, einschließlich der Optionen „Gefolgt“ und „Favoriten“ für bevorzugte Inhalte.

Das Ranking von Inhalten auf Instagram hat sich geändert, mit Fokus auf originären Content und weniger Gewichtung geteilter Inhalte. Instagram fördert so die Erstellung einzigartiger Inhalte und legt Wert auf Fotos.

2. Ranking im Instagram-Feed: Wie werden Beiträge ausgewählt?

Im Feed werden Beiträge von Accounts angezeigt, denen Nutzern folgen, sowie Beiträge, von denen Instagram glaubt, dass sie diesen gefallen könnten. Dabei werden verschiedene Signale berücksichtigt, wie zum Beispiel Interaktionen mit Accounts und Beiträgen, Formatpräferenzen und die Nutzung der App oder des Browsers. Die wichtigsten Signale sind die Aktivität der Nutzer, Informationen über den Beitrag und den Account sowie die Interaktionshistorie mit anderen Accounts

Die Interaktionen, die im Feed am stärksten berücksichtigt werden, sind das Verweilen auf einem Beitrag, das Kommentieren, das Liken, das Teilen und das Tappen auf das Profilfoto.

Je wahrscheinlicher es ist, dass ein Nutzer mit einem Account oder Beitrag interagiert, desto höher wird dieser im Feed angezeigt. Ebenfalls erwähnenswert: Instagram versucht darüber hinaus, zu viele Beiträge desselben Accounts hintereinander zu vermeiden.

3. Ranking in den Stories: Wie werden sie angeordnet?

In den Stories werden Inhalte von Accounts angezeigt, denen Nutzer folgen, sowie Anzeigen. Das Ranking basiert auf ähnlichen Signalen wie im Feed. Instagram priorisiert Stories von Accounts, deren Stories im Rahmen von Social Media Marketing am häufig angeschaut werden und mit denen User interagieren. Auch die Nähe zu bestimmten Accounts, wie Freunden oder Familienmitgliedern, spielt eine Rolle bei der Anzeige der Stories.

4. Ranking im Explore-Bereich: Wie werden Inhalte entdeckt?

Im Explore-Bereich können Nutzer Inhalte entdecken, die sie interessieren. Instagram ordnet Videos und Fotos an, von denen erwartet wird, dass sie basierend auf früheren Aktivitäten Gefallen finden. Dabei werden Interaktionen wie Likes, Shares und Saves berücksichtigt. Die vorherige Aktivität der Nutzer sowie die Interaktionshistorie mit anderen Accounts sind wichtige Signale für das Ranking in diesem Bereich.

Die meisten Inhalte im Explore-Bereich stammen von Accounts, denen der Nutzer nicht folgst. Instagram berücksichtigt auch Interaktionen von anderen Nutzern mit Beiträgen, um ähnliche Inhalte zu empfehlen. Wenn viele Nutzer mit einem bestimmten Beitrag interagieren, erhöht sich die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass dieser im Explore-Bereich angezeigt wird. Instagram zieht auch die allgemeine Popularität und Relevanz eines Beitrags im Betracht, um vorgeschlagene Inhalte für die breite Nutzerbasis ansprechend zu machen.

5. Ranking in der Suche: Wie werden Inhalte gefunden?

Die Suchfunktion auf Instagram ermöglicht es den Nutzern, nach spezifischen Inhalten, Hashtags, Orten oder Accounts zu suchen. Gut zu wissen ist hier im Social Media Marketing, dass das Ranking der Suchergebnisse auf verschiedenen Faktoren, wie zum Beispiel der Übereinstimmung mit dem Suchbegriff, der Relevanz des Inhalts und der Aktualität basiert. Beliebte und häufig gesuchte Inhalte werden in der Regel höher in den Suchergebnissen platziert.

Instagram berücksichtigt auch das Nutzerverhalten und die Interaktionshistorie, um personalisierte Suchergebnisse zu liefern. Wenn Nutzer bestimmte Accounts oder Inhalte regelmäßig aufrufen, besteht eine höhere Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass sie in den Suchergebnissen priorisiert werden.

6. Künstliche Intelligenz (KI): Wie werden Inhalte gefiltert?

Instagrams Algorithmus filtert unerwünschte Inhalte und setzt Technologien ein, um Richtlinienverstöße wie Gewalt oder Täuschung zu erkennen. Die Plattform nutzt maschinelles Lernen und KI zur effektiveren Inhaltsmoderation.

Nutzer können problematische Inhalte melden, wodurch Instagram manuell prüft und bei Verstößen gegen die Richtlinien eingreift.

Social Media Marketing: Instagram Algorithmus verstehen und ansprechende Content-Erfahrung bieten

Der Algorithmus auf Instagram beeinflusst maßgeblich die Erfahrung der Nutzer, indem er relevante und interessante Inhalte präsentiert. Er basiert auf einer Vielzahl von Signalen und Interaktionshistorien, um Inhalte im Feed, in den Stories, im Explore-Bereich und in der Suche zu ranken und zu filtern.

Instagram bemüht sich, die Plattform kontinuierlich zu verbessern und den Nutzern eine personalisierte und ansprechende Content-Erfahrung zu bieten, während gleichzeitig unerwünschte Inhalte reduziert werden. All diese Faktoren gilt es für Werbetreibende im Social Media Marketing von Unternehmen zu berücksichtigen.

Setzen Sie bei der Umsetzung auf eine erfahrene Social Media Agentur München. Wir unterstützen Sie im Online Marketing München und bieten eine umfassende Analysis and Strategy sowie eine maßgeschneiderte Umsetzung.

8 Insider-Tipps for the Perfect Social Media Presence

Social media marketing offers you a great opportunity to reach your target audience. A good social media presence can help raise awareness of a brand or business and interact with potential customers. But how do you implement a successful social media presence if you're already sharing high-quality content on a regular basis? In this blog post, our specialists from the Online Marketing Agency in Munich will give you some insider tips to help you develop your social media strategy.

1. Use stories for behind-the-scenes insights

Stories are a good opportunity for companies in social media marketing to take their followers behind the scenes and give them an insight into their day-to-day work. You can also show how products are created or how your team works. Such insights are personal and authentic and have a positive impact on your brand image.

2. Rely on user-generated content

User-Generated Content (UGC) refers to content created by customers and followers themselves. Businesses can use UGC to strengthen their brand and encourage community interaction. Let your creativity run wild. UGC includes, for example, customer ratings and reviews, shared videos and images with product experiences, customer interviews, contests or sweepstakes, and more.

3. Use live streams for events and announcements

Keep your followers up to date with events and news with live streams. Use live streams for product launches, events, or announcements at your company. They can also answer specific questions from followers and connect directly with their community.

4. Work with an online marketing agency

An Online Marketing Agency will help you develop and implement a long-term social media strategy. Make sure your strategy is aligned with the needs of your target audience. A professional agency has the necessary know-how and resources to take your social media activities to the next level and will also help you with the practical implementation if you wish.

5. Cooperate with influencers

Influencer marketing is considered an effective method in social media marketing. By working with influencers, companies can achieve a wider reach and engage with a new target audience. However, it is important to choose the right influencers who fit the brand and can build an authentic connection with your community.

6. Work with social listening

Social listening refers to monitoring social media platforms to gather feedback and comments from customers. It's about monitoring public discussions online and responding to customers' needs and opinions. In your business, you can use social listening to gain valuable insights and adjust your marketing strategies based on them. So it's all about listening carefully and observing. Companies can do social listening both manually, by monitoring specific hashtags or search terms, and automatically, by using special tools.

7. analyze your results

Measure the success of your social media strategy by regularly analyzing the results. Track your reach, interactions, and conversion rates. This will give you deep insights into which content has been most successful and what adjustments you may need to make in the future to better achieve your goals

8. Stay up to date

Social media marketing and the associated platforms are subject to constant change. Here it is crucial that you stay up to date. Follow current trends and developments and adjust your strategy accordingly. Also, be sure to visit Online Marketing Training courses or seminars to expand your skills in the field of social media marketing and to take up innovations at an early stage.

Conclusion: The right strategy for your social media marketing

As a component of online marketing, social media marketing makes an important contribution to increasing brand awareness and perception among the target group. However, a successful social media strategy requires time, patience and a clear definition of goals. By choosing the right platforms, publishing regular, quality content, and engaging with your community, you can build a strong presence. With the help of our insider tips like stories, UGC, live streaming or working with a Online Marketing Agency unleash the full social media potential.

8 Tipps for Successful Instagram Marketing: How to Increase Your Reach

With one billion users, Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms and offers tremendous potential for your social media marketing. But how can you effectively use an Instagram business profile and achieve the desired visibility among your target audience? In this article from our online marketing agency in Munich, you will find eight tips for successful Instagram marketing that will help you increase your reach and achieve your goals.

Tip 1: Pay attention to consistency

Staying active is worthwhile in social media marketing and is the key to success on Instagram. Regular postings increase your visibility within your community and improve the behavior of the Instagram algorithm. Post at least 3 times a week and regularly share stories to keep your followers up to date. Our tip: Create a social media plan in advance that helps you consistently create posts and publish them at the scheduled time.

Tipp 2: Choose the Right Timing

The timing of your postings is as important as their quality. Use Instagram Insights to determine when your community is most active and post at those times. This increases the chances of your postings being seen by many users and allows them to react in real time and engage with your company in various ways.

Tipp 3: Share high-quality content

Avoid focusing solely on quantity and make sure that your posts always include high-quality images or videos. Ensure that your images are well-lit and sharp, and that your videos have a high resolution. Work on providing a textual description that is tailored in content and length to the shared content.

Tipp 4: Interact with your target audience

Interact with your target audience, ask specific questions, respond to comments and messages, and participate in discussions. Be mindful not to let too much time pass between comments and replies, ensuring that no response goes unnoticed. This behavior signals to your audience that you are interested in their opinions and needs.

Tipp 5: Make use of Instagram's technical offerings

Instagram offers you various formats and tools that are constantly evolving. Make use of all the options such as images, Reels, and Stories that the platform provides to stay present and engage with your audience.

Using Reels, for example, allows you to achieve a high reach with relatively low effort. Reels are short and dynamic video content that is particularly popular among users.

Instagram Stories are also a great tool to increase the visibility of your business profile. Use location tags, tag other accounts, add music, and use relevant hashtags to generate more reach.

Tipp 6: Ensure good networking

For optimal networking, it is advisable to collaborate with other accounts, influencers, or content creators. However, focus only on advertising partnerships that truly align with your brand, and ensure that the content creator creates content that aligns with your company's values and specific offerings.

Tipp 7: Utilize targeted advertising

Optimize your reach and target audience engagement by strategically running ads to generate followers. On Instagram, you have the option not only to promote your products but also to promote your account itself. This allows you to increase your visibility, attract more followers, and ultimately expand your reach on the platform.

Instagram Ads allow you to specifically target users who are not yet following you, thus helping you increase your reach in a sustainable way. You can place your ads in the Story, Feed, or Explore sections and set a budget that aligns with your goals. This way, you can effectively reach your target audience and promote your brand to potential new followers.

Furthermore, you can also employ free methods such as cross-marketing to promote your Instagram account. Businesses should raise awareness about their Instagram profile on their website, email signatures, and other social media platforms, and include links to the profile wherever possible. This way, you can leverage existing online channels to drive traffic and gain new followers on Instagram.

Tipp 8: Engage an Online Marketing Agency

A full-service agency can help establish and maintain a consistent brand presence on Instagram. They can ensure that your content aligns with your brand identity and business goals. There are numerous reasons why it can be beneficial to hire an online marketing agency to manage a company's Instagram profile. In addition to expertise and experience, you can benefit from time savings for intensive management and improved reach, as well as measurable results. An agency analyzes all activities on the Instagram profile, tracks metrics such as engagement, reach, and conversions, and makes adjustments based on that data to optimize the effectiveness of Instagram engagement.

Generating Followers: Achieving Successful Social Media Marketing on Instagram

Instagram offers a valuable platform for your company's social media activities. As an experienced full-service agency in Munich, we provide support to businesses in the B2C and B2B sectors in implementing successful online marketing strategies, including on Instagram.

Our approach to successful online marketing begins with a thorough analysis and strategy. We take the time to assess the current state of your presence on Instagram and then develop tailored concepts that align with your company and target audience.

At our agency, we understand the importance of creating engaging and visually appealing content. We work closely with you to develop captivating visuals, compelling captions, and effective storytelling techniques that resonate with your audience.

Furthermore, we employ various growth strategies to expand your follower base and increase your brand's visibility on Instagram. This includes utilizing relevant hashtags, engaging with your audience, collaborating with influencers, and running targeted advertising campaigns.

By entrusting your Instagram marketing to our full-service agency, you can focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the strategic planning, content creation, community management, and performance analysis. Our goal is to help you achieve tangible results and drive growth through effective online marketing on Instagram.

Contact us today to learn more about how our full-service agency can assist you in realizing your Instagram marketing goals.

NFTs on Facebook and Instagram

Developments in social media marketing for businesses are shaping up rapidly. For example, the Meta Group, which owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, among others, announced that Instagram users will be able to create digital collectibles and sell them via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the near future. But what are the potentials associated with this? We got to the bottom of it for you with our online marketing agency.

Overview NFTs

In our last blog post, "NFTs in marketing" we already gave you the most important basics on the topic of non-fungible tokens and answered basic questions like:

·      What are NFTs?

·      What is NFT Minting?

·      Why is the demand for NFTs on the rise?

·      How can NFTs be used in marketing?


NFTs represent an interesting opportunity to offer digital assets for sale or to acquire them and ensure a secure sale on the nft market. Blockchain-based technology also opens new marketing horizons for companies and enables the implementation of NFT marketing.

Meta with its own NFT marketplace

Meta launches its own marketplace for NFTs on its Instagram platform. In a press release dated November 2, 2022, the company announced that it will soon be possible to mine and sell NFTS on Instagram.

Via a planned toolkit, Instagram users will thus have the opportunity to create their own NFT collections via the Polygon Blockchain and subsequently sell them. This will give Meta users another way to decide how artwork is created and how they sell it.

By 2024, the creation of NFT collections will be free of charge. Meta also plans to cover gas fees for buyers in this context. However, there are fees for in-app purchases, App Store fees, which are 30% for Apple, for example.

NFT Marketing on Instagram

On Instagram, the so-called Digital Collectibles feature has been implemented in 100 countries, allowing users to connect to digital wallets and showcase NFTs they either created themselves or purchased. All connected NFTs can be displayed in the feed or contain a shimmering effect.

Via the latest update, developers can create their own digital collectibles and sell them inside and outside Instagram. The launch is initially on the Polygon blockchain with a small group of artists in the U.S. including Amber Vittoria, Refik Anadol, Jason Seife and Dave Krugman.

This is a first step that is considered a milestone in the nftmarket and will provide options around NFT marketing on the web3 for businesses.

Plans are also underway for Instagram to enable the display of video-based digital collectibles and provide support for the Solana blockchain and Phantom Wallet.

Outlook: NFTs in social media marketing at Meta!

Den Konzern Meta und dessen Aktivitäten rund um NFTs, unter anderem auf der Plattform Instagram, sollten Sie im Social Media Marketing unbedingt im Blick behalten.

Surely, this will result in completely new models in online marketing already in the near future.

Our full-service agency experts have their finger on the pulse and are keeping a close eye on all NFT developments for you. Perhaps there will be further updates on this soon, which we will report on for you.

The 3 Golden Content Marketing Trends 2022

Good content marketing is a key element in successful online marketing strategies. In 2022, it continues to be a crucial component for guiding the target audience throughout the entire customer journey while simultaneously increasing brand awareness. Our full-service agency team has outlined this year's developments in content marketing for you in this article.
As in every year, clear trends in content marketing for 2022 are already emerging, some of which you may already be familiar with and should continue to embrace.

1. Deepen Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is already an integral part of your company's online marketing efforts? That's great! However, this approach involves focusing on your social media channels and showcasing clear and well-presented expertise that sets you apart from competitors who may not offer the same level of expertise.

Look for content that builds lasting trust with your target audience and ensures that they follow your brand with conviction. Additionally, consider repurposing content to offer insights in various formats, meeting each individual at their specific level of knowledge and stage in the customer journey.

This can include infographics and text as well as videos or podcasts, for example. Keep in mind that your audience doesn't want to see "high-gloss advertising videos" but is instead engaged by content that is particularly authentic, helps solve real problems, or simply enhances their lives.

2. Evolve Your Content Strategy Continuously

A good concept is considered crucial in online marketing, but even the best strategy is of little use if it stagnates and is not further developed.

To deepen your social media marketing activities, as described in point 1, you should work with a constantly evolving content strategy.

Rely on predictive technologies that essentially anticipate consumer trends in real-time and help you develop strategies that can keep up with them.

You can be supported in this by services like Google Trends. Here, you can not only search for topics of global interest but also get an overview of current search terms, filtered by countries and their subregions. Furthermore, you even have the option to view related topics and similar search queries that are currently in high demand. This provides a valuable knowledge base to continuously adjust and develop your content strategy.

3. Foster Community Engagement

Embrace a genuinely heartfelt commitment to the community. Surveys indicate that, especially during the pandemic and times of uncertainty like global conflicts, consumers' sense of community has increased. Companies can tap into this need by providing groups and building meaningful relationships with their customers, for example, in online communities.

Community building can help your brand stand out clearly from the competition, provide helpful tips, and also encourage consumer interaction with each other.

Occupy a niche that may not exist in the market yet and offer your target audience the option to contact your company at any time. When customers know that you have a sincere interest, it generates a high level of customer loyalty.

CONCLUSION: Show customer proximity and strengthen the sense of community!

Online marketing also relies on individual, personalized experiences as an integral part of the content marketing strategy in 2022.

You should especially focus on genuine human connections that strengthen the community and help your consumers develop a social consciousness together.

You've been given all the basics to get started; are you looking for some practical support to complement this?

Our agency is your go-to partner for audience-specific online marketing. We look forward to having a personal conversation with you!

The social media channel TikTok

A brief portrait of the TikTok social media channel

TikTok is currently experiencing rapid growth in the digital world. The Chinese network of the company Bytedance was founded in 2014 as Musical.ly and has attracted over a billion people to date. The basic idea is to post videos with a length of fifteen to sixty seconds. These can be made particularly creative with the help of music, lipsync, and visual effects. For young people, TikTok is an important part of daily life.

In addition to the younger generation, TikTok is increasingly reaching young adults. Here, the focus is on mobile use, as many young people have the app on their smartphones. It is one of the most downloaded apps of all time. In this network, you can find teenagers, influencers, athletes as well as public figures who use this channel for their personal branding. With short videos, challenges as well as crazy ideas, fans can participate in the lives of their idols. In this way, content creators build reach as well as high relevance.

TikTok is well suited for reaching young target groups

This channel works great for marketing a business because reach and relevance are two key elements in social media marketing. If you want to use TikTok as a business, then you should check if your topics fit the primary content like fashion, lifestyle, music or communication. Young target groups can be reached mainly through creativity and emotional content. A boring commercial, press release or advertisement will not work on TikTok. Companies have to put themselves in the current context to be likeable and credible. So, among other things, there are a number of challenges that companies can respond too.

Social media marketing with TikTok

The social network offers a number of communication solutions for active companies. At the very least, TikTok is an interesting additional channel for attracting attention in this environment. If you want to reach customers in a casual way, this is the ideal way. With our online marketing from Munich, we help you find the right social media strategy to adapt to the specifics of social networks.

These are some reasons to make this platform work for you:

  • It is the fastest growing social media platform in the world.
  • Meanwhile, young adults can also be reached.
  • There are several ways to earn money with TikTok.
  • The social network offers numerous online marketing opportunities.
  • You can find the latest trends and respond to them.

The focus is on short video clips

In Germany, TikTok has a particularly large number of users, compared to other European countries. Here, everything is designed for short videos in portrait format that can be played full-screen. The video clips then go into infinite loop, which allows for a high dwell time. Unlike other networks, no account is required here.

You can switch to the next video by swiping vertically across the screen. Not even following is required to get to the content. The feed consists of two parts, once the "follow me" section and "for you", which contains videos selected by the algorithm. Anyone who maintains an account can upload video clips they have shot themselves. There are many different formats, on countless topics. No high-quality video equipment is required for this, as perfect glossy videos are rather distracting. The video shot with the smartphone is enough to look authentic.

Filters, visual effects and music

Users make use of filters and visual effects available on the smartphone, as the included tools offer creative editing options. An extensive sound library offers the possibility of setting music to music. Creating and uploading videos is easier than on YouTube, for example. Another special feature is the option to share the videos created on other platforms. That's why YouTube also has channels where TikTok videos appear.

What makes TikTok different from other social networks?

Almost all networks have now jumped on the vertical video bandwagon. On Instagram, it's the Reels, which always present users with new content in a feed. This is based on the user's interests and user behavior. You can compare it with the "for you" feed at TikTok. We can see how popular the concept has become at YouTube and Snapchat, which have introduced similar formats. However, only as an add-on option to complement other features.

With TikTok, the vertical video remains the core of the action. Users land in the video immediately, without distractions. Since there are no other areas, such as stories, the user is instantly there. With easy-to-use features and a very active community, new trends are always emerging.

New features are added regularly

The search function on TikTok is called "Discover" and is designed to encourage users to discover new trends as well as "content challenges." The "Duets" function makes it possible to reign in existing videos. This also exists on Instagram, with its "Reels," but these have hardly played a role so far. Features that encourage creativity keep the network dynamic. These creative functions have made TikTok the leading platform. On Instagram, Facebook and Co., user interests diverge further.

Companies must adapt their social media strategy to the respective network

Companies need to figure out where it is best to place their own content. On YouTube, vertical videos are called "shorts," but they compete with traditional videos and clips. Still, the platforms are becoming more similar. Whoever offers the coolest features wins.

Videos cannot be transferred at will

Many companies already use video platforms. But these clips can't be easily transferred to TikTok, because quick edits and transitions matter. This works differently than stories on Facebook or Instagram. Nevertheless, getting started on TikTok has advantages because not too many companies are active here yet.

What makes TikTok interesting for companies?

It's predominantly the dynamism and creativity that offers a lot of room for experimentation, without rigid rules. In addition, there is an excellent organic and viral reach, where the number of followers does not matter. An ideal environment for targeted online marketing.

Even with the first video, you can reach a lot of people because the platform is content-based. You can build large communities right from the start. Always ask yourself if your target group is on TikTok. If you want to address them in a controlled and direct way, you can book reach for money. With TikTok Ads Manager, you create your ad campaigns on people who exactly fit the target group.

Is TikTok becoming the distribution channel of the future?

TikTok has the potential to become a sales channel of the future. Younger consumers in particular are receptive to influencer marketing on social networks. We can see that the platform also has companies in its sights here with tools such as the new Discovery Tool. This allows trends to be tracked and offers to be scaled accordingly.

It supports brands and advertisers alike to adapt campaigns. A lot of information converges in this control center. You can use it to find out which topics are currently hot in online marketing, because it can be filtered by hashtags, songs and videos. Even regional trends can be recorded that are current in a company's catchment area. The trends over a longer period of time are interesting for analyzing changes. In TikTok's Creative Center, you can find all the options listed in detail.

Like the other networks, TikTok is developing more and more from the youngest towards the total population. This makes it increasingly attractive to businesses. Let our online marketing specialists from Munich support you now.

Why Social Media Marketing is So Important for SMEs - 6 Facts

Social media marketing is no longer just a short-lived marketing trend but is considered an integral part of online marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, as well as LinkedIn and XING, are ideal for real-time interaction with the target audience and promoting one's own offerings. Today, our full-service agency examines the added value of social media marketing for SMEs and summarizes key advantages for you.

1. Optimization of Discoverability

With Social Media Marketing, you don't have to wait for your target audience to find you solely based on good search engine marketing; you can also ensure that social networks drive traffic to your website.

Platforms like Facebook, as well as TikTok, are ideal for sharing information about your products and individual content marketing. This is possible because your social media profiles become quite visible in search engines like Google Search within a short period.

Darüber hinaus werden Sie von Ihrer Zielgruppe direkt in den Netzwerken über eigene Algorithmen gefunden und können sich dort eine eigene Community aufbauen, die Sie jederzeit mit den passenden Posts, Verlinkungen und Aktionen auf beliebige Landingpages Ihrer Webseite lotsen können.

2. Direct Line to Prospects and Customers

Social media platform users are interested in valuable information, smart images, and videos. This presents an ideal opportunity to leverage the viral effect and reach a broad audience with well-thought-out content marketing right where they like to spend time and consume content.

SMEs create a new post, and the community interacts with the company by liking, sharing, or commenting on the post. Friends, in turn, see this interaction and may also start engaging with the company and its offerings. These are excellent conditions for sustainably increasing one's own reach.

3. Effective Remarketing

Remarketing ist ein weiterer Vorteil des Social Media Marketings für kleine und mittelständische Unternehmen. Sie müssen nicht darauf warten, dass Ihre potenziellen Kunden erneut nach Ihren Produkten oder Dienstleistungen suchen, sondern können gezielt Anzeigen schalten, um Nutzer anzusprechen, die sich bereits mit Ihrem Angebot beschäftigt haben, aber noch keinen Kauf getätigt haben.

Here, it is important to consider the current rules regarding Cookie Tracking and E-Privacy in 2022. Our Online Marketing Agency specialists at Media Beats are here to assist you with advice and support.

4. Authentic Recommendations

Users on the internet are constantly looking for recommendations from friends and other users regarding products, services, or local establishments. An appropriate option for SMEs to leverage this behavior and provide relevant content.

This way, your followers on social networks can not only like your offerings themselves but also make recommendations to potential customers.

Studies show that recommendations from acquaintances, as well as from strangers on the internet, enjoy particularly high trust. Your existing customers thus serve as valuable brand ambassadors and boost sales.

5. Systematic Branding

Regardless of the size of your company, on social platforms, you can highlight the true character and unique qualities, strategically placing them in the spotlight exactly as you'd like.

However, it's important to always remain authentic and occasionally provide your target audience with a glimpse behind the scenes. This is an opportunity to break away from the usual and implement a systematic change in your image.

6. Long-term Customer Loyalty

Regardless of the strategy you use and whether you work with a Content Marketing influencer, it is much easier to maintain customer relationships and stay in constant contact with users through social media.

This works particularly well when you regularly offer content that is relevant to your target audience and encourages them to interact with you. Another advantage: If a user has liked a post from your company, your next posts will appear in their news feed, automatically keeping you in their memory.

Our conclusion: Social media marketing is worth it for SMEs!

Marketing trends come and go. Social media marketing, on the other hand, has already established itself as a permanent fixture in many SMEs and should not be missing in any company.

Focus on consistency and authenticity in your approach.

What matters in detail and what support is possible for implementation, we would be happy to show you. Just contact us.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing als Bestandteil eines erfolgreichen Online Marketing Mixes
YouTube ist die zweitgrößte Suchmaschine der Welt. Deshalb ist sie ein wichtiges Instrument im Marketing Mix eines Unternehmens. Video Marketing kann jede Firma betreiben, denn es bietet viele Möglichkeiten, die entsprechende Zielgruppe zu erreichen. Die Medienplattform ist jedoch weit mehr als nur ein Videokanal, denn es lassen sich selbst Formate, wie Podcasts und Diashows hochladen und auf der eigenen Webseite einbetten.

Besonders kleine und mittlere Unternehmen unterschätzen die vielen Möglichkeiten, die dieses Portal bietet. Eine gute Videoausrüstung ist vorteilhaft, jedoch nicht unbedingt erforderlich. Selbst mit dem Smartphone lassen sich gute Ergebnisse erzielen, um die Welt von YouTube zu nutzen. Viel wichtiger ist der Content, da der Nutzen immer im Vordergrund steht. Gegenüber Werbetexten und Bannern sind bewegte Bilder leichter zu verdauen. Videos fesseln, sind emotional und erregen mehr Aufmerksamkeit als die Textwüste.

Millionen Zuschauer erreichen und Abonnenten gewinnen
Mit mehr als einer Milliarde Zuschauer monatlich, ist YouTube das größte Medienportal der Welt. Daher ist es für Online Marketing sehr interessant, denn die Zeit vor dem normalen Fernseher nimmt stetig ab. Zuschauer wollen selbst entscheiden, wann und wo Sie Inhalte konsumieren. Jeder kann sich sein eigenes Programm zusammenstellen und selbst einen Videokanal eröffnen. So lassen sich Videos, Audiodateien oder Diashows hochladen, um auf das eigene Angebot aufmerksam zu machen. Die Kundenbindung wird gestärkt, durch Kanal Abonnenten, die Ihnen folgen. So bekommt Ihr Kunde immer mit, wenn Sie etwas Neues hochladen oder live gehen. Kein anderes Medium bietet soviel Potential für Kundenwachstum wie YouTube Marketing.

Was möchten Sie mit diesem Teilbereich des Social Media Marketings erreichen? Brauchen Sie Neukunden oder wollen Sie Ihre Reichweite erhöhen? Die Möglichkeit, Inhalte zu teilen und in weitere soziale Netzwerke einzuspeisen, macht diese Plattform so stark. Bestimmt haben Sie selbst schon mal einen YouTube Link in Facebook geöffnet oder auf das Smartphone zugesandt bekommen. So können Sie sich beispielsweise auf Ihrer Homepage vorstellen und das Video von YouTube direkt auf Ihrer Webseite einbetten. Kreativität ist gefragt. Seien Sie möglichst authentisch, denn damit können sich Ihre Zuschauer am besten identifizieren.

Erklärvideos und Social Proof als Marketinginstrumente
Besonders beliebt sind Erklärvideos. Komplexe Sachverhalte werden anschaulich sowie unterhaltsam dargestellt. Das beantwortet die Fragen der Kunden bereits im Vorfeld. Oft sind es animierte Videos, die sich mit  entsprechender Software leicht erstellen lassen. Damit kann man alles erklären, ohne dass sich ein Mitarbeiter vor die Kamera stellen muss. Wer zum Beispiel einen abstrakten Sachverhalt darlegen muss, kann dies mit einem Erklärvideo tun, ohne zu langweilen.

Ein wichtiger Aspekt in der heutigen digitalen Welt ist Social Proof. Dies lässt sich gut in einem Videoclip darstellen, in dem Sie Ihre zufriedenen Kunden interviewen oder über Ihr Produkt / Ihre Dienstleistung sprechen lassen. Testimonials sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil im Online Marketing, denn hiermit lassen sich Einwände und Vorwände gut entkräften. Zufriedene Kunden locken weitere Interessenten an und schaffen Vertrauen.

Den eigenen Podcast auf YouTube einbetten
Neben Videos lassen sich auf YouTube auch Audiodateien hochladen. Somit ist die Plattform auch gut für Podcasts geeignet, da der Benutzer nicht extra zu einem anderen Portal wechseln muss. Das spart Kosten und die Reichweite ist ebenfalls schon da. Podcasts werden immer beliebter, deshalb findet man sie zunehmend auch auf YouTube. Eine Studie aus Amerika hat herausgefunden, dass hier wesentlich mehr Leute nach Podcasts suchen als auf Spotify und Apple zusammen. YouTube ist somit der beliebteste Kanal für Podcasts.

Ein wichtiger Punkt für ein erfolgreiches YouTube Marketing sind natürlich die Möglichkeiten der Erfolgsmessung. Klicks, Abonnenten, Feedback und Likes lassen sich leicht messen und geben so Aufschluss über den Erfolg der Inhalte.

Wichtig ist die Marketingstrategie
Egal ob Sie sich für ein klassisches Video oder einen Podcast entscheiden, wichtig ist es, die richtige Strategie zu wählen. Einfach ab und zu ein Video hochladen, kann jeder. Als Firma sollte man sich Gedanken zum Branding machen, einheitliche Intros produzieren und so einen Wiedererkennungseffekt schaffen. Am allerwichtigsten ist das kontinuierliche Posten von Content auf YouTube. Eine Frage, die Sie sich ebenfalls stellen sollten ist Folgende:

  • Warum sollte sich der Zuschauer Ihr Video anschauen und worin liegt der Mehrwert für ihn?

Diese Punkte sollte man beachten,  bevor man mit der Produktion beginnt. Geben Sie  gute Tipps und Ratschläge und vergessen Sie nicht den Call to Action am Ende eines Videos oder Podcasts. Was sollte der Interessent jetzt tun?

Damit der Interessent Sie findet, ist  das Thema Search Engine Optimization wichtig, denn die Videos erscheinen ganz oben bei Google und Bing , wenn alle Hausarbeiten gemacht sind. Daher ist die Kanaloptimierung das Kernstück einer guten Online Marketing Strategie. Das Angebot sollte daher genau beschrieben sein, mit Titel, Keywords und Metadaten. Deshalb sollten Sie alle möglichen Felder ausfüllen und Ihr Video ausführlich beschreiben. Fügen Sie weiterführende Links ein und helfen Sie dem Leser sich zu orientieren.

Wer damit nicht viel Erfahrung hat, kann sich durch unsere Online Marketing Agentur unterstützen lassen.

YouTube Werbung ist sehr effektiv
YouTube ist gleichzeitig eine Werbeplattform. Mithilfe von YouTube Ads lassen sich Werbeanzeigen in Form von Videos schalten, die dann innerhalb des Displaynetzwerkes eingeblendet werden. Dabei lassen sich Benutzermerkmale wie Alter, Geschlecht und Interessen festlegen. Es gibt verschiedene Varianten, wie Banneranzeigen, die sich in einem Video einblenden. Dazu kommen Overlay In-Video Ads, transparente Anzeigen, die im unteren Teil eines Videos eingeblendet werden.

Zu den TrueView Werbeformaten gehören die Clips, die sich vor dem eigentlichen Video einblenden.  Nach 5 Sekunden kann der Nutzer das Video überspringen. Gezahlt wird erst, wenn 30 Sekunden vergangen sind.  Hier ist es besonders wichtig schnell das Interesse der User zu wecken. Mit der passenden Verlinkung erreichen Sie zielgenau die gewünschten Kunden.

Einen YouTube Kanal zu erstellen, ist kinderleicht, da es zu Google gehört. Alles was Sie brauchen ist ein Google Account. Über die Funktion Kanal erstellen, wählen Sie aus, ob eine geschäftliches oder privates Konto erstellt werden soll. Dann folgen Sie den Anweisungen. Sie können Bilder einfügen, den Kanal beschreiben und haben weitere Funktionen zur Verfügung, um Ihren Kanal zu optimieren.  Zum Kanal gehört auch das Impressum, denn auch die rechtliche Seite darf nicht außer Acht gelassen werden. Der Kanal ist wie eine Webseite,  mit allen rechtlichen Erfordernissen. Zur rechtlichen Seite finden Sie Infos auf dem Kanal von RA Solmecke, der sehr ausführlich auf die verschiedenen Aspekte eingeht.

Nehmen Sie YouTube in Ihre Marketing Strategie auf und gewinnen Sie neue Kunden.

What does the future of influencer marketing look like?


Ein Influencer erreicht täglich über soziale Netzwerke und Blogs zu einem ausgewählten Thema eine bestimmte Gruppe an Menschen. Diese folgen dem Influencer, weil er sich mit einem für Sie interessanten Bereich beschäftigt, auf dem er ein Spezialist ist und passend dazu Inhalte oder Bewegtbilder veröffentlicht. Damit erhalten die Follower Informationen mit echtem Mehrwert, die sie nicht nur mit Vertrauen und Kanal-Treue belohnen, sondern im besten Fall auch in ihrem eigenen Netzwerk weiterleiten. So wird der Influencer zu einem wichtigen Markenbotschafter mit enormer Reichweite, der seine Follower beispielsweise von den positiven Eigenschaften ausgewählter Dienstleistungen oder Produkte überzeugt.

Wie genau funktioniert Influencer Marketing?

Das Prinzip von Influencer Marketing, als ein Baustein von Social Media Marketing, funktioniert im Grunde recht simpel. Ein Influencer ist in der Lage Dienstleistungen und Produkte mit den eigenen Erfahrungen authentisch zu präsentieren. Die Zielgruppe fühlt sich so mit der Markenbotschaft tatsächlich individuell und persönlich angesprochen, ohne dass das Gefühl von plumper, konventioneller Werbung aufkommt. Ein essentieller Wettbewerbsvorteil, insbesondere in unserer heutigen Zeit, in der uns täglich eine ungefilterte Flut von allgemeingültiger Werbung überrollt.

Wie hat sich das Influencer Marketing über die letzten Jahre entwickelt?

Influencer Marketing hat sich in den letzten Jahren prächtig entwickelt. Insbesondere eine sehr hohe Conversion Rate spielt dabei eine zentrale Rolle. Allerdings machen sich auch Veränderungen bemerkbar, denn durch eine Vielzahl an Firmen, die Meinungsmacher beauftragen, hat mitunter die Authentizität der Influencer gelitten. Daraus haben sich neue Trends entwickelt, die Influencer Marketing auch für die Zukunft interessant und erfolgreich machen.

Hat Influencer Marketing eine Zukunft?

Definitiv, denn mit Influencer Marketing erreichen Sie in Zukunft Ihre Zielgruppe genau an den passenden Berührungspunkten und im Rahmen deren individuellen und ganz persönlichen Interessen. Ein unschlagbares Argument um z. b. deutlich höhere Verkaufszahlen zu generieren, als mit herkömmlichen Marketingmaßnahmen, für die die Zielgruppe in gewisser Weise immer mehr abstumpft.

Dabei werden für Unternehmen immer häufiger nicht nur prominente Influencer mit Millionen von Followern, sondern zunehmend Micro Influencer mit bis zu 100.000 sowie Nano Influencer mit bis zu 10.000 Followern interessant, die sich als Experten in bestimmten Themenbereichen und Nischen etabliert haben.

Wie findet man den richtigen Influencer für sein Unternehmen? Auf welche Besonderheiten muss man achten? 

Das oberste Credo  für einen geeigneten Influencer lautet:  Setzen Sie ausschließlich auf einen Markenbotschafter, der auch tatsächlich zu Ihrem Unternehmen sowie zu Ihrer Marke passt und somit volle Glaubwürdigkeit erhält.

Dabei ist es wichtig, dass er sich tatsächlich auch mit spezifischen Themen beschäftigt, die beispielsweise mit Ihren Dienstleistungen oder Produkten gelöst werden. Bei der Recherche sind nicht nur Keywords, sondern auch eine gewisse Professionalität und Regelmäßigkeit in den sozialen Netzwerken erforderlich.

Doch welche Besonderheiten gilt es zu beachten? Ein Fokus soll dabei unter anderem auf der Engagementrate liegen. Darin spiegelt sich wider, dass ein Influencer nicht nur eine hohe Anzahl an Followern besitzt, sondern auch mit ihnen interagiert. Kommuniziert die Zielgruppe mit dem Influencer über die veröffentlichten Inhalte, zeigt das, dass die Marketingaussagen ankommen und Interesse erzeugen.

Fazit – Perfect match?

In der Praxis stellt es für Unternehmen eine Herausforderung dar, einen passenden Influencer zu finden, der alle nötigen Kriterien erfüllt, sich mit ihrem Unternehmen identifiziert und so tatsächlich die Online Marketing Strategie langfristig bereichert.

Wir von Media Beats GmbH verfügen als Full Service Agentur über das nötige Know How sowie ein Influencer Netzwerk und agieren als Schnittstelle zwischen Unternehmen und Influencer. Sie können sich einfach kostenlos und unverbindlich von unserem Team beraten lassen: Contact. Gern beantworten wir Ihnen Ihre Fragen rund um das Thema Influencer Marketing für Ihr Unternehmen.